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SEPPIC Human Health Division designs and develops innovative excipients including coatings, vaccine adjuvants, functional excipients, high quality surfactants and dermopharmacy polymers. Combining the strength and resources of a large group with the energy and responsiveness of a small company, SEPPIC is equally dedicated to both customer care and product quality.

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Products from Seppic (5)

  • Sepifilm™ Lp

    Product Sepifilm™ Lp

    SEPIFILM™ LP is a range of ready-to-use film-coating products for moisture protection.
    SEPIFILM™ LP comes in a granular form and can be used for the optimal protection of active ingredients that are sensitive to moisture and to improve the physical properties of the core (hardness, friability).
  • Sepineo™ P 600

    Product Sepineo™ P 600

    SEPINEO™ P 600 is a liquid, 4-in-1 polymer: thickening, emulsifying, stabilizing & texturizing agent.  • Ready-to-use • Stable over a wide pH range (3-11)  • Wide solvent compatibility • Stabilize up to 40% of oil This polymer can be used for formulation of gel, cream-gel, o/w emulsi...
  • Montanox™

    Product Montanox™

    The MONTANOX™ range is composed of different grades of polysorbates that can be used to solubilize active pharmaceutical and/or biological ingredients and to formulate oil-in-water emulsions for oral, topical and injectable products.
    • MONTANOX™20 PHA PREMIUM: Polysorbate 20 • MONTANOX™60 PHA PREMIU...
  • Montanide™ Range

    Product Montanide™ Range

    SEPPIC SA offers a wide range of products which includes montanide™ range. Features: it can used in about 300 clinical trials from phase i to phase iii. Contact us for more information.
  • Montane™

    Product Montane™

    MONTANE™ range is comprised of different sorbitan ester grades that can be used to formulate water-in-oil emulsions for oral, topical and injectable formulations.
    • MONTANE™20 PHA PREMIUM: Sorbitan laurate • MONTANE™60 PHA PREMIUM: Sorbitan stearate • MONTANE™80 PHA PREMIUM: Sorbitan oleate  ...