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Qualicaps has +125 years of experience as a company dedicated to delivering pharmaceutical grade capsules to the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industry, together with a comprehensive service along the product life cycle. As such, we have a unique perspective on how to contribute to health for the benefit of the patients.

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Products from Qualicaps Europe (3)

  • Qualicaps® Hard two-piece capsules portfolio

    Product Qualicaps® Hard two-piece capsules portfolio

    Qualicaps® manufactures vegetal and animal origin capsules for a wide range of formulation types ranging from dry powders and pellets to pastes and liquids. We produce high-quality pharmaceutical-grade capsules and offer them in a wide range of sizes, colours, and printing options for your product to s...
  • Qualicaps® HPMC capsules portfolio

    Product Qualicaps® HPMC capsules portfolio

    Qualicaps® was the first to develop and offer the pharmaceutical market a plant-based alternative to hard gelatin capsules, Quali-V®. Beyond their equivalence to gelatin in dissolution time, Quali-V® HPMC capsules present advantages for hygroscopic drugs due to their reduced moisture content and physic...
  • Qualicaps® Inhalation-grade capsules portfolio

    Product Qualicaps® Inhalation-grade capsules portfolio

    With nearly +125 years of capsule manufacturing experience, and the introduction of several capsule innovations to the pharmaceutical market, specifically in the field of inhaled drug delivery, Qualicaps® offers a broad portfolio of capsules specially designed for inhaled drug delivery, with superior a...

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