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Qualicaps, a Mitsubishi Chemical Group company, has +125 years of experience as a company dedicated to the supply of two-piece hard capsules and related services. We deliver pharmaceutical-grade hard-two-piece capsules to the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries and a comprehensive service along the product life cycle through our global team of commercial, scientific, and technical experts. We are a responsible company that takes pride in producing each capsule to offer specific and optimal solutions for drug delivery and overall health and well-being challenges.


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Products from Qualicaps Europe (4)

  • Qualicaps® Inhalation-grade capsules portfolio

    Product Qualicaps® Inhalation-grade capsules portfolio

    With nearly +125 years of capsule manufacturing experience, and the introduction of several capsule innovations to the pharmaceutical market, specifically in the field of inhaled drug delivery, Qualicaps® offers a broad portfolio of capsules specially designed for inhaled drug delivery, with superior a...
  • Qualicaps® Hard two-piece capsules portfolio

    Product Qualicaps® Hard two-piece capsules portfolio

    Qualicaps® manufactures vegetal and animal origin capsules for a wide range of formulation types ranging from dry powders and pellets to pastes and liquids. We produce high-quality pharmaceutical-grade capsules and offer them in a wide range of sizes, colours, and printing options for your product to s...
  • Qualicaps® HPMC capsules portfolio

    Product Qualicaps® HPMC capsules portfolio

    Qualicaps® was the first to develop and offer the pharmaceutical market a plant-based alternative to hard gelatin capsules, Quali-V®. Beyond their equivalence to gelatin in dissolution time, Quali-V® HPMC capsules present advantages for hygroscopic drugs due to their reduced moisture content and physic...
  • Qualicaps® Consumer Healthcare capsules portfolio

    Product Qualicaps® Consumer Healthcare capsules portfolio

    Qualicaps® Consumer Healthcare portfolio offers the consumer health industry superior quality capsules for the protection and delivery of beneficial ingredients. With patented characteristics that make these capsules ideal for a broad range of nutraceutical and nutritional applications, our leading-edg...

Qualicaps Europe Resources (4)

  • Brochure Partnering with Qualicaps

    At Qualicaps®️, we do our part to contribute to health on a worldwide scale through the manufacture and supply of two-piece capsules and related equipment, offering a portfolio of: Pharmaceutical-grade capsules, Capsules for Consumer Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment.
  • Brochure Two-piece hard capsules portfolio for inhaled drug delivery

    Inhalation delivery offers significant and unique benefits in the treatment of a variety of illnesses. The lungs serve as a portal of entry to the body that enables a drug to infiltrate the bloodstream from the airways in a time-effective manner, thus presenting inhaled formulations as an interesting alternative to oral dosage forms, especially when a rapid response is required. Originally developed for respiratory diseases, DPIs have seen their use expanded recently to a growing field of therapies, including antibiotics, insulin, opioids, oxytocin, vaccines, and drugs for neurological disorders.
  • Brochure Two-piece hard capsules portfolio for oral dosage forms

    Solid oral dosage forms (tablets and capsules, both hard and soft) are the most popular delivery option among patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies. They are “patient-friendly”: readily portable, convenient to auto-administer, easy to swallow, stable and precise in delivering the active ingredient. Hard two-piece capsules also offer additional advantages over tablets, among others: less complex formulations, using less excipients, possibility of combining drug products , more appropriate for hygroscopic active ingredients, option of using two colors (for the capsule cap and body) for product marketing, more efficient product manufacturing process (reduced amount of steps),reducing validation and analytical costs, as well as absence of compression forces in product manufacturing.
  • Video Capsules are Our Essence

    Qualicaps continues to provide a trusted delivery vehicle for pharmaceutical and nutritional products.