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GM Pharmaceuticals


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GM Pharmaceuticals' production facility is equipped with equipment produced by companies such as BOSCH, FETTE, UHLMANN, HUTTLIN, SERVOLIFT, SKINETTA, ENFLEX, MILLIPORE, AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, BOHLE, IMA and others. We are the only pharmaceutical plant throughout the region where a full production cycle of manufacturing finished pharmaceutical solid dosage forms  is carried out by means of state-of-the-art technologies and in compliance with international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Also, we are the only domestic manufacturer of the pharmaceutical products , fulfilling GMP requirements during all lines of operations . Using modern technologies, our company manufactures tablets, film-coated tablets, sachets and hard gelatin capsules. In order to completely meet the current market requirements, the company cooperates with a number of leading european manufactures and imports various medicinal products under contract manufacturing: ampoules, suspensions, gels.

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Sales markets Eastern Europe, Asia

GM Pharmaceuticals

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