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A biorefining company with USD 165 million in sales; is engaged in the manufacture of sugar, ethanol, renewable energy, chemicals, biogas and compost – all from agricultural sources. About 95% of the company inputs are from renewable resources. It is at the forefront of research in renewable resources, and a member of Indian Government's New Millennium Technology Initiative. Our Produc


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  • Somaiya Bhavan, 45/47 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Post Box No 384, Fort, 400 001, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Products from Godavari Biorefineries Ltd (3)

  • 1,3 butylene glycol (ecocert)

    Product 1,3 butylene glycol (ecocert)

    Godavari Biorefineries Ltd offer a wide range of chemicals which includes 1,3 butylene glycol (ecocert). Applications: It is used for its anti-bacterial properties to increase shelf life. Contact us for more information.


    Godavari biorefineries ltd offer a wide range of chemicals which includes acetaldehyde. Applications: it is used in the production of  sedatives and tranquilizers. Manufacture of perfumes, flavours, aniline dyes, plastics, synthetic rubber, pesticides, silvering mirrors, hardening gelatin fibres and pharma...


    Godavari biorefineries ltd offer a wide range of chemicals in pipeline which includes acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal. Applications: it is a colourless mobile liquid which has applications in various industries such as flavours, fragrances, personal care, resins and pharmaceuticals. Also used in polymer chemi...