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For 25 years, CARSO Group carry out testing and expertise dedicated to the health industry: pharmaceutics, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. A convenience service in microbiology and chemistry testing equipped with an efficient analytical platform such as ICP-MS, MALDI –TOF, HPLC, GC. Manufacturing authorisation no. F 17/134 (Lyon-Vénissieux, France) and F 19/111 (Neuilly-en-Thelle, France). ...

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  • Cosmetics analyses and expertises

    Product Cosmetics analyses and expertises

    The Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009 and the NF EN ISO 29621 standard both specify numerous quality controls to ensure the cosmetics microbiological quality more specifically, from ingredients and raw materials to finished products.


    The analyses and expertises of CARSO P...
  • Medical devices analyses

    Product Medical devices analyses

    Several standards and guidelines specify numerous quality controls to ensure more specifically microbiological quality and biocompatibility of medical devices, from raw materials to finished products.


    CARSO Pharmaceutique carries out the following analyses and expertise...
  • Pharmaceutical analyses and expertises

    Product Pharmaceutical analyses and expertises

    Quality control, pharmaceutical developments on active ingredients, raw materials, bulk or finished products  as per PE, USP, JP pharmacopeia specifications… or customers’ specifications.



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