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  • Product Syringe Heaters

    Watlow syringe heaters were developed specifically to match the unique needs of medical injection applications. Fluid and drug delivery that maintains precise liquid temperatures and reduces fluid viscosity maximizes patient comfort and decreases risk. Body temperature injections are more easily introd...
  • Product ULTRAMIC® Advanced Ceramic Heaters

    ULTRAMIC® advanced ceramic heaters are designed for medical devices and clinical applications where electrical safety, small size, fast temperature ramp rates and cleanliness are critical. Applications such as respiratory therapy equipment, clinical diagnostic instrumentation and DNA analysis are an ideal ...
  • Product Analytical and Testing Services

    With our Technology Excellence Centers (TEC) we can offer analytical and device testing services to support you all the way, from early-stage to launched combination product.

    2 locations, 1 goal: assisting customers to anticipate challenges and help you navigate the regulatory landscape.
  • Product Process Vessels, Reactors and Process Systems

    Stainless Steel Process VesselsSince 1975, Pope has provided stainless steel process vessels to industrial and academic research laboratories and industries of all kinds. Beginning with standardized pressure vessels for holding and dispersing solutions, Pope over the years, also offered special vessels, re...
  • Product Headspace Systems

    Headspace  Analyzer
    The FMS Headspace Analyzer is a non-destructive gas analyzer for monitoring headspace gas concentrations in sealed parenteral containers. This compact benchtop instrument utilizes a patented laser absorption technique developed with funding from the Food and Drug Admin...
  • Product Container Closure Integrity Tester for laboratory use

    With our wide range of lab testing equipment we provide solutions for the early stages in the development processes as well as for quality control in commercial manufacturing. Being able to transfer the test method from R&D to production reduces risks and saves time.
    The NEO series combines high...
  • Product VialArch

    The Gasporox sensor module VialArch offers non-destructive Headspace Gas Analysis to be integrated directly onto the production line or into an inspection machine.

    This unique laser-based solution is installed on the production line for 100% quality inspection and container closure ...
  • Product UTPVision Pharma

    UTPVision Pharma is a complete series of visual inspection systems for pharma and medical applications: aluminium caps, spray valves, plungers, stoppers and needle shields. 

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  • Product GSS P Steam Sterilizer for pharmaceutical production

    GSS P is a steam sterilizer from Getinge for component sterilization in pharmaceutical production. GSS P ensure a reproducible process, product quality and a safe environment. This makes it easier to achieve high performance, productivity and a streamlined process.
    Getinge develops, manufactures a...
  • Product CONTRACT PARTICLE ANALYSIS - Routine Analysis and R&d Studies

    Analytical services for Drug Substance & Drug Product advanced particle characterization.

    GMP services which include: • Particle Size Distribution (PSD) by Laser Diffraction • Morphological and Particle Size Parameters by microsocopy • NanoParticle Size and Concentration by MADLS • Z-Potentia...
  • Product Analytical Laboratory Services

    Royalmount Laboratories boast a purpose-built, partially automated, state-of-the-art GLP certified and FDA inspected laboratory. This laboratory provides robust bioanalytical method development and validation for quantification of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids/tissu...
  • Product FLUENT® In-Line Heaters

    Watlow’s new FLUENT® in-line heater is a small, lightweight, high-performance heater that can replace both a traditional immersion type heater or a heater wrapped around a tube as part of a thermal system. FLUENT features an all stainless steel construction for a clean, non-contaminating heat source. ...
  • Product Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD)

    IN STOCK - Pope nutsche filter-dryers are known and used worldwide for critical high purity separations of liquids and solids. Products include pharmaceuticals, bio-materials, electronics grade materials, fine specialty chemicals, and many others. Our nutsche filters are preferred for this separation, a cr...
  • Product FMS Automation Module

    Lighthouse first implemented this new collaborative automated sample handler in our Amsterdam application laboratory to provide a rapid response to urgent CCIT testing requirements for Covid-19 vaccine producers.

    Now your lab can install the FMS Automation Module to imp...
  • Product UTPVision BlynX

    UTPVision BlynX is a custom-configurable vision inspection system that can be used inline for real-time production quality monitoring or offline for statistical process control.
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  • Product GPX1500 Film Pharma

    The Gasporox GPX1500 Film Pharma represents a new approach to headspace oxygen gas inspection – fast, accurate, non-intrusive and non-destructive, in IV-bags and pharmaceutical pouches.

    The GPX1500 Film Pharma is a very compact and easy to use instrument to measure accurate the headspace of phar...
  • Product Securing Sterile Transfer - DPTE® System (DPTE® Alpha, DPTE-BetaBag®, DPTE® Beta containers, DPTE® Transfer Leak Tester TLT)

    The types of components that can be used for incoming transfers include - but are not limited to - plugs, syringes, pistons, capsules, injectors, stoppers, caps, bottles and plungers, and other medical products as well as toxic/potent products. Outgoing transfers include samples, miscellaneous equipment...
  • Product Isolation technology

    Getinge's barrier isolators create a separation of raw materials, a product or an experiment from its environment. The patented DPTE® sterile transfer systems provide the means to move material in and out of an isolator or sterile zone without breaking containment.
    Getinge developed the ISOFLEX-R isol...
  • Product GMP Washer/Dryer

    Critical cleaning for your unique processing needs Getinge GEW washer-dryers are designed to meet the growing cGMP requirements of the BioPharmaceutical industry for cleaning of glassware, components and production equipment.
    The GEW Series washer/dryers are suitable for many common application...
  • Product Glass Autoclavable Laboratory Fermenters & Bioreactors

    Fermex Autoclavable Fermenters & Bioreactors are ideal tools for researchers who start fermentation studies and for those applications where small or medium volumes are required. Fermex BioFMA series fermenters and bioreactors are compact in design, to save space in the laboratory with exceptional perf...
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