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  • Product Cleaning machines for containers (decontamination)

    Körber medipak systems gmbh offers a wide range of machinery which includes cleaning machines for containers (decontamination). Contact us for more information.
  • Product ABC Transfer® Betacleanbags™

    Safeguard patient’s health with our range of next generation bags.
    ABC Transfer® Betacleanbags™ combine cGMP compliance, ultracleanliness, ergonomics and eco-responsibility.
    Our range of next generation Single-Use Ported Bags bring significant improvements to your sterility a...
  • Product CPE - cGMP Closure Process Equipment

    The machine type CPE are particularly designed for the complete treatment (from dirty to ready to be sterilized or ready to be used) of pharmaceutical closures such as rubber stoppers, rubber pistons, rubber seals, plastic parts, aluminum caps, combo-seals, etc.
    Individual basket allows a better phy...
  • Product ALLERGOFF® allergen-neutralizing spray

    ALLERGOFF® spray is an innovative solution for neutralization of house dust allergens. It is designed to protect against harmful impact of allergens present in house dust, such as: house dust mites allergens, pollen, pet and fungal allergens. It neutralises house dust allergens by changing their chemical ...
  • Product GMP Washer/Dryer

    Critical cleaning for your unique processing needs Getinge GEW washer-dryers are designed to meet the growing cGMP requirements of the BioPharmaceutical industry for cleaning of glassware, components and production equipment.
    The GEW Series washer/dryers are suitable for many common application...
  • Product Exterior cleaning with ARM10600

    // Combining maximum product quality with highest standards of worker safety: Our newly developed exterior cleaning process adapts to your needs. ///

    Inhaling potent medicines, or just touching them, can have noxious effects even in minute quantities. It is therefore vitally im...
  • Product Clean Utilities and Process Piping

    Fabtech Technologies provides wide range of pharmaceutical products and solutions which includes clean utilities and process piping. It is a process engineering for purified water storage & distribution. The services under this section include: purified water/water for injection/pure steam; storage tan...
  • Product ABC Transfer® Alpha Port

    Four safety interlocks in full compliance  with EU GMP annex 1.ABC Transfer® Alpha Part ensure safe en sterile transfer for isolator systems in pharmaceutical filling lines.ABC Transfer® Alpha Part are compatible with betag parts of other brands.
    Internal and/or external opening.
    Single-wall or ...
  • Product ABC Transfer® Beta Container

    Our range of aseptic transfer containers, the ABC Transfer® Beta Container, enable simple and secure transfers, Our containers are compatible with other brands.
  • Product AQUA - GLP laboratory washer

    Le macchine della serie AQUA sono progettate per il processo di lavaggio e asciugatura delle superfici interne ed esterne di gabbie, carrelli, contenitori, componenti di laboratorio, ecc...

    PLC pre-installed programs – fully customizable. Adjustable pre-wash, wash and final rinse water temperatu...
  • Product Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

    Ultrasonic Cleaning machine is a water based Single Chamber Cleaner with capacity of approx. 70Ltrs.
    The cleaning effect is taken care of by Ultrasonic Vibrations. The Ultrasonic Effect is generated in the Cleaning Chamber using High Efficiency Ultrasonic Resonator. Along with the Resonator mounte...
  • Product Bottle Rinser

    Our range of rotary Rinsing Machines are suitable for cleaning of rigid containers (PET, HDPE, Glass) before the Filling Operation. The Rinsing machine can provide single or multiple treatments which is product specific and according to customer needs.

    Depending on the type of application,...
  • Product Automatic Air Jet Cleaning Machine NAJC – 120

    Npm Machinery Pvt Ltd provides wide range of pharmaceutical products which includes automatic air jet cleaning machine najc – 120. Features: positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning; easy operation; stationary s.s. Nozzles in cleaning zone. Contact us for more information.

    The Pharma 40 industrial vacuum cleaner is a compact, quiet and flexible unit designed for suction of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) classified up to OEB3.  The construction, designed to provide maximum dust filtration and total operator safety, fully complies with GMP guid...

    The Pharma 20 industrial vacuum cleaner is a compact, silent and flexible unit designed for general cleaning and onboard suction within the pharmaceutical industry.  Manufactured in full compliance with GMP guidelines, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for fine dust extraction thanks to t...

    The Pharma 40DC industrial vacuum cleaner is a compact, quiet and flexible unit designed for dust containment during operations with highly powerful HPAPI active ingredients.  The construction, designed to provide maximum dust filtration and total operator safety, fully complies with...
  • Product BASKETS | Tailored Loading Accessories

    - Designed around customer’s items to grant perfect cleaning results- No cross-contamination between batches 
    - Deep and accurate clean/dry of each and every corner/cavity of the processed parts granted by multiple dedicated spraying orifices
    - Precise water flow (coverage) and pressure (mechani...
  • Product 2CLEAN | IBCs and Contact Part Washer

    Two cleaning processes in one single unit!

    - Telescopic cGMP Hydrokinetic header to reach any internal bin surfaces- Bottom valve coverage via dedicated in-floor spray ball

    - Automatic Quick-Lock Connection- Full in-house de...
  • Product 200 EVO | cGMP Contact Part Washer

    - Modular design to allow quick turnaround projects; compact solution to simplify installations - Three different sizes: 600, 1000, 1400 liters (160, 265, 370 gal) to maximize/optimize cleaning batches and multiple configurations (electrical /steam heating, single/double door...)
    - Best-in-cla...

     The Pharma Hydro System is a concept around which Pharma Handling develops several technical solutions for the washing process of containers (IBCs, drums, etc) and/or components used in the production lines of the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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