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Since 1990, AM Instruments has been at the forefront of the contamination control sector.  An organisation of 130 people and a sales network that extends across all of Italy.  An R&D team dedicated to the development of innovative products. A wide-ranging and high quality commercial offering. The best of Made in Italy in contamination control. 
A GMP-oriented company with ISO 9001:2015 certification 
In 2017 Pharmaclean was launched, a new production department in cleanroom, with an innovative line of products for packaging and the protection of sterility specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in terms of effectiveness, safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. In 2020 a brand new Grade C operational cleanroom was launched with the new line of Sterilisation and Packaging solutions in Tyvek®-PEP-PP material.
Pharmaclean is the result of a thirty year experience that enables to consistently conceive products adequately responding to the increasingly strict quality and safety requirementes of the life science sector. AMTech manufactures standard and custom made systems, facilities and equipment for cleanrooms through a careful analysis of the customers requests and special needs. Our team is able to offer solutions even for unusual and complex dimensions, functions and layouts, thanks to the support of the highly modern design and production processes.

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Products from AM Instruments Srl

  • Zherox®

    Product Zherox®

    A brand new biodecontamination system for sterile areas and contamination controlled environments, isolators , pass-boxes and RABS. With the electromagnetic ionization technology of hydrogen peroxide, Zherox ensures reduced cycle times and optimization of the diffusion. Zherox® is a cloud based system.

  • Zherox® b-pack

    Product Zherox® b-pack

    Zherox® b-pack is the new AM Instruments system for biodecontamination. A lightweight, portable system applying the Zherox HPE innovative technology. Safe and user-friendly with validated effectiveness. b-pack contains a sanitiser tank and includes a TLP® diffuser equipped with HPE ionising technology. HPE technology provides for the ionisation of the sanitising liquid molecules, ensuring an excellent diffusion while boosting the disinfectant efficacy.Control electronics grants optimal battery management.The status LED on the diffuser indicates the charge level and the operating phase.The aluminium alloy frame and the ABS body make the unit light and ideal for frequent use. The ergonomic diffuser allows continuous use, avoiding operator fatigue.The 5-litre tank and the battery with a up to 3 hours duration guarantee high autonomy.
  • Zherox® Fixed Systems

    Product Zherox® Fixed Systems

    The fixed biodecontamination systems use innovative Zherox® technology and TLP 
    diffusers. The diffusers with their supports, which are suitable for wall or ceiling mounting, are designed to minimise impact on the existing structure and to be fully compatible with contamination-controlled and/or sterile areas. 

  • My&Clean+®

    Product My&Clean+®

    The new concept of automatic gloved hand sanitisation. My&Clean+ is a system that traces every gloved hand sanitisation, their correct execution and frequency, also notifying the necessity of repeating the operation in case a failure occurs. AM Instruments has created the ultimate system that simultaneously solves the problems of consistency and reliability of the data and the risk of cross-contamination. The liquid is released directly from the original bottle housed in the device, an innovation that cuts down the need for bottle handling, eliminating the risk of cross contamination. Sterility of sanitisation product is guaranteed by the bottle itself, which original packaging is not compromised at all during the housing and use of the device.
  • MyFog®

    Product MyFog®

    Fog generator for the visual control of air flows in classified environments

  • MyPage+®

    Product MyPage+®

    BROADCAST MESSAGING SYSTEM FOR CONTAMINATION CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS. AM Instruments introduces MyPage+, the only device on the market capable of simultaneously broadcasting date and time, text messages, images and videos.THE SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE OF MYPAGE+ FACILITATES MULTIPLE DEVICE MANAGEMENT. Each device is identified via a unique and customisable ID. Possibility to manage independently multiple devices placed in different areas of the plant. Possibility of connecting to the customer SCADA system to show values such as differential room pressure, temperature, humidity, particle counting and more.
  • Cart2Count

    Product Cart2Count

    Material transfer system with continuous particle monitoring

  • PHARMACLEAN® Covers and Sterility Protection solutions

    Product PHARMACLEAN® Covers and Sterility Protection solutions

    Pharmaclean products in DuPont™ Tyvek® material, for sterilisation and protection from dust, particle sand microorganisms, are designed to offer total safety and resistance. They are customisable and easy to use. Unaffected by autoclave sterilisation processes.All products come along with a certificate of conformity and a certificate of irradiation, where applicable.We maintain full documentation traceability, and can trace back all records and associated end users at any time.
  • PHARMACLEAN® Covers and Sterility Protection solutions

    Product PHARMACLEAN® Covers and Sterility Protection solutions

    Pharmaclean bags are ideal for the packaging of tiny components, or large,bulky and uneven items. They ensure vapour delivery across the entiresurface and quick drying. Drawstring or heat sealing closing systems.
  • PHARMACLEAN® Sterilisation and Packaging Solutions

    Product PHARMACLEAN® Sterilisation and Packaging Solutions

    Sterilisation and Packaging solutions in Tyvek®-PET/PP material. 


    Stationery for cleanroom
  • Bucket Liners

    Product Bucket Liners

    A SIMPLE PROCEDURE TO AVOID CROSS-CONTAMINATION: sterile liners for mop buckets

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