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  • Product M110P Microfluidizer® Basic BioPharma Processor

    M110P laboratory model for continuous high-shear cGMP ready fluid processing.  The M110P models have been designed to reliably achieve continuous operating pressures up to 30,000 psi.  Microfluidizer® processors maximize the energy-per-unit fluid volume, resulting in uniform submicron particles...
  • Product Imapure®- Platinum Cured Silicone Transparent Tube

    Imapure® is Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing designed for peristaltic pump and fluid transfer in Pharmaceutical and Biotech applications. Imapure® is translucent silicone tubing known for its ultra smooth bore to prevent any particle entrapment. It is especially designed to comply with requiremen...
  • Product AQUA - GLP laboratory washer

    The machines types AQUA are designed for process washing and drying of cages, glassware, racks, containers, filling machines parts, etc...

    It represents a reliable automatic washer disinfector that perfectly combines wash time and water temperature with effective mechanical action and...
  • Product GLOVE BOX SGS model

    Many laboratory and production applications currently require the availability of a confined space for the enivoronnment and product protection.  This Glove Boxes line is a “Fully Modular Line” that allows to configure the system to the different needs of research; the Glove Boxes, made of PMMA (polymeth...
  • Product NFC, UHF and HF RFID eco-friendly antennas

    Eco-friendly, produced in Luxembourg.  VBS NFC and RFID antennas printed on multiple types of substrates, including recyclable paper-based substrates. 

    We use an eco-friendly industrial additive printing process, which uses no water, no vacuum, and generates minimum waste.

  • Product Filling machines

    Kiefel filling and sealing units are equipped with high quality mass flow-meters and can also be operated as stand-alone devices, whether as fully automated unit, or Table Top Filling module. They stand out due to their compact design, high reliability and efficiency, and high-precision filling technology...
  • Product Vials

    Our vials range is very wide and can be used in various application areas. The production is running with proven moulding systems and well-engineered equipment. The flexible machinery as well as the use of most different synergies of Lutz Holding, eg. in moulding engineering, guarantee quick reactions and hig...
  • Product CleanGuard5 Trigger Spray - Delta (Sterile)

    • Hard surface cleaning agent designed for use in Cleanroom • Fully compatable with Alpha and Beta • Safe to use on any surface and is colourless and odourless • Pre-mixed solution ensures homogenous distribution • Manufactured with WFIpH 6.5 - 7.5 • Trigger spray with spray / off feature ...
  • Product AGLTS - The Automatic Glove Leak Testing System

    A SMART GUARDIAN FOR YOUR BARRIER ISOLATION TECHNOLOGY It’s advanced. It’s Automatic. It’s above everything you have used so far. The most advanced GMP compliant glove integrity system for isolators and RABs in the pharmaceutical industry, developed in compliance with the international standard ISO 1464...
  • Product Solidlab 1 - Compact tri-functional lab equipment

    Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH –  provides wide range of fluid bed and coating systems which includes Solidlab 1. The laboratory machine processes batch sizes from 0.05 to 1 kilograms and is the equivalent for the highest performance in the smallest space. The plant supports you in developing you...
  • Product HPLC Flushing Pump

    Qualisil HPLC flushing pump is our own brand. It is upgradable to low pressure Binary & Quaternary gradient options. It can support an upgrade for 5 column oven too!!!

  • Product Alpha heating thermostats

    LAUDA China Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of heating and cooling thermostats alpha which includes alpha heating thermostats. It is the heating thermostats a 6, a 12 and a 24 operate in the temperature range between 25 and 100 ° c. As for the heating immersion cooling coil and pump as well as a badabdeckungsset ...
  • Product BioStream

    Ymc co ltd offers a wide range of products biostream. It belongs to hplc columns category. Features: suitable for downstream processing for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Compliance with cgmp and made in japan. Sanitary design superior in cleaning. Excellent operability provided by the largest 21.5-inch tou...
  • Product 10Liter Triple-Walled Reaction Unit

    Asahi Glassplant Inc provides wide range of reaction units which includes 10liter triple-walled reaction unit. The configuration includes the vessel and the standard component which is mentioned bellow standard component list. Every part can be replaceable with parts listed on the bl option & parts list. Cont...
  • Product Bagmixer® 400 P - homogenizer

    Avoiding all risks of cross-contamination, BagMixer 400 P is an easy-to-use and powerful lab blender. Adapted to all kinds of applications and with a guarantee of optimal bacterial extraction, it is a great tool for lab microbiological analyses.

    1. QUICK HOMOGENIZING OF SAMPLES- Optimal bacterial extra...
  • Product Tap density test apparatus

    Veego Instruments offers a wide range of products which includes Tap density test apparatus. It is designed for determination of the tapped density of powder samples by tapping the cylinder under specific conditions. It can also be used for granules, flakes etc. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Duran/Riviera Glassware

    C. Abhaykumar & Co provides wide range of laboratory & scientific instruments which includes Riviera/Duran Glassware. 
    Contact us for more information.
  • Product Laboratory Furniture

    Citizen Industries is having more than 30 yrs of experience in the field of manufacturing laboratory furniture in GI Powder Coated, SS and BWP Ply wooden construction. Citizen is the only lab furniture manufacturing company which can provide customized solution in all types of MOCs is being manufactured i...
  • Product Wasdell Laboratory Services

    By the end of 2017 we will have a MHRA, GMP licenced laboratory. We will be offering a wide range of services for routine Quality Control analysis including QC release testing, method validation and stability analysis (analytical and microbiological). We work to the highest standards of GMP and GLP with rigo...
  • Product Sanitary Series

    Shah Brothers provides wide range of products which includessanitary series. It belongs to medical and bio-processing coupling categoryfeatures and benefits: ergonomic thumb latch: easy to operate - even with gloved hands, 3/4 inch mini and 1 inch maxi sanitary terminations: install with standard gaskets and ...

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