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  • Product Herbal Drugs Analysis

    Since 2018 Brightlabs possesses an opium exemption from the BMC (Bureau for Medicinal Cannabis), for the analysis of cannabis and related products. The combination of this opium exemption, combined with our GMP accreditation, makes Brightlabs an important partner for the analysis of cannabis and related ma...
  • Product GPX1500 Vial

    The Gasporox GPX1500 Vial represents a new approach to headspace oxygen gas inspection – fast, accurate, non-intrusive and non-destructive, in tubular vials. 
    The GPX1500 Vial is a very compact and easy to use instrument to measure accurate the headspace of pharmaceutical containers. Change over ...
  • Product 200 Series GC

    The 200 Series GC is compact and lightweight, offering all the functionality of a much larger instrument in a small footprint. This makes it ideal for applications where space is at a premium, including the education sector, as well as quality control and remote eld applications. This single-channel i...
  • Product 800 Series TEA for GC

    Introducing the TEA 800 Series - a revolutionary redesign of the Thermal Energy Analyser (TEA), Renowned for setting industry standards in nitrosamine analysis. Crafted with user input this new model combines exceptional sensitivity and near-infinite selectivity for nitrogen-containing compounds with enhan...
  • Product Authena L1VE

    Single unit traceability in real time & eco-friendly from source to patient.
  • Product Near-infrared spectrometers

    The DS2500 Analyzers are compact near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers for use in the lab as well as in production. These instruments combine efficiency and intuitive operation with flexibility and robustness.

  • Product Ion Chromatography

    The 940 Professional IC Vario is a high-end ion chromatograph for research applications and sophisticated method development. To this end, it comes with ultimate flexibility. Whatever the challenge, your Professional IC Vario, a high-pressure ion chromatography instrument, will meet it.
  • Product Karl Fischer Titrator

    OMNIS KF Titration is the high-end volumetric Karl Fischer titrator based on the modular OMNIS platform. With OMNIS KF Titration, determining water in samples has never been more convenient, safer, and easier.
  • Product Biotherapeutics

    To accelerate the development and marketing of your Biotherapeutics, Quality Assistance offers a complete analytical package to meet the EMA and FDA requirements, all on one site.

    Whether it is to extend your analytical capacities or to outsource parts or all of your analytical needs, ...
  • Product BioLector XT

    Equipped with patented FlowerPlate microtiter plate technology, the new BioLector XT Microbioreactor enables high-throughput strain screenings, cultivation parameter monitoring, and feeding strategy optimization. The BioLector XT Microbioreactor is ideally suited for microbial, fungal, and algal cultivatio...
  • Product CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer

    CytoFLEX Flow CytometerThe CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer, the first introduction to the CytoFLEX Platform, provides the performance you need in an easy to use system allowing you to focus on the science, not the instrumentation. Its superior sensitivity and resolution throughout all configurations give it t...
  • Product Parsum Process-Interfaces

    Parsum Process-Interface

    A wide range of accessories for process adjustment such as in-line dispersers or purge cells, used as a process interfaces, will facilitate adjustment to a variety of conditions.

    It is the ability to disperse the particle flow in the process vessel th...
  • Product Inline Particle Probe IPP 70

    Inline Particle Probe IPP 70

    This universal in-line particle probe is designed for direct use in dense particle flows, in fluidized beds or similar processes. The IPP 70-S for use in Non-Explosive Environment is self-monitoring during the measurement. LEDs on site or signals to the process control s...
  • Product Inline Particle Probe IPP 80-P

    Inline Particle Probe IPP 80-P

    This probe has been designed to measure the particle size distribution of powders, pellets or granules in pharmaceutical processes. The IPP-80 is used wherever the particle size has to be monitored continuously as a critical quality attribute CQA of a pharmace...
  • Product Laboratory Glassware

    Borosil's SIP division offers an entire gamut of the finest quality scientific and laboratory equipment through a pan India network of 150 dealers. This includes laboratory glassware, instruments, disposable plastics, liquid handling systems and explosion-proof lighting glassware. This range of over 2000 p...
  • Product HPLC columns, Impurity isolation or purification using Preparative HPLC, Structure elucidation

    HPLC column manufactured under brands such as Intsil, Kromsil, Hysil which can replace favourably replace regular brands but at 30% lower prices. We also supply large range of product related to HPLC & Analytical labs including HPLC accessories, D2 lamps, GC columns etc..Service include Impurity Isolat...
  • Product GC Systems

    Agilent's Gas Chromatography (GC) systems provide proven reliability, high sample throughput, and high performance for separation and analysis of compounds. These benchtop, on-line, and portable GC systems provide laboratories with increasing analytical performance, reduced cost of ownership, and decreased...
  • Product UV Sensors

    Models AF45 and AF46 are high precision UV Absorption sensors for use in the biotech and chemical industries. The sensors are designed for inline operation and provide accurate concentration measurements with remarkable repeatability, linearity and resolution.

    Modular construction of the sensors...
  • Product Single Use Cell (S.U.C.)

    The Single Use Cell (S.U.C.) is designed to optimize separation, purification, concentration and formulation processes in disposable chromatography and ultrafiltration systems.

    Cross-contamination between products and batches will no longer be an issue as gamma irradiated Single Use Cells decrea...
  • Product ProCellics™ Bioprocess Raman Analyzer

    ProCellics™ is the first GMP Bioprocess Raman Analyzer for the biopharmaceutical industry fully dedicated to in-line monitoring of the critical parameters and quality attributes in real-time, in order to maintain an optimal development of cultures in bioreactors and to better control downstream processes.

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