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30 Jan 2019

Manufacturing consultancy up 150% as life sciences prepare for a digital future

Increasing appetite for digitised manufacturing and using data to improve GMP manufacturing.

Zenith Technologies has seen a 150% rise in demand for its consultancy arm services. The company's consultancy has seen an increasing appetite for digitised manufacturing and using data to improve GMP manufacturing over the past 12 months.

The growth of the service in 2018 was driven by a need to aid customers in collecting, contextualising and finding insights in their stored data. These insights can then be used to make informed decisions on production processes and the supply chain.

Jaqueline Hora, Global Digital and Data Analytics Lead at Zenith Technologies said: “The life science industry has seen a remarkable trend towards innovation utilising data and technology effectively. Digital strategies, as well as manufacturing execution systems (MES) and automation, are in great demand as a result.

“For customers implementing these digital strategies, project decision support as well as process, technology and project execution knowledge, are essential to ensure success.

“Our Consultancy team supports customers that are considering new technology projects and assists in developing strategies, governance and standards to provide a framework for success.

“Whether it be justifying ROI, validating a customer’s strategy, process and methodology implementation expertise or help with technology selection, Zenith has been there to support its customer base.

“Zenith’s intimate understanding of manufacturing systems, extensive process knowledge and significant experience serving the life science sector has ensured that our customers have the insight needed to make the best decision.”

The increase is in part a direct result of the emergence of Industry 4.0 with data integrity, data analytics, the internet of things, and cloud strategies becoming a reality throughout the life science industry.

The team’s growth is projected to continue into 2019 as the life science industry increases its focus on digitisation and using data to improve GMP manufacturing practices.

In a recent survey of the industry, Zenith found nearly 60% of participants believe that Industry 4.0 will drive the most change in life science over the next 5 years, with 75% of those aiming to invest in people to take advantage of emerging technologies.

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