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Process innovation needs to be undertaken in early R&D phase

Much needed more efficient manufacturing processes for ADCs aren't being completed by pharma.

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Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations

Company to streamline operations and capture cost synergies.

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Cambrex invests $5 million in new laboratory expansion at its Karlskoga, Sweden facility

Money to be spent on augmenting capability and capacity for process development and scale up, handling of potent substances, crystallization studies and solid phase characterization.

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  • Clarivate Analytics
  • PharOS Ltd
  • Korber Medipak Systems GmbH
  • PQE srl
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  • Explicat Pharma GmbH
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  • Intertek Pharmaceutical Services
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SciencePharma is a leading, highly experienced consultancy company providing state-of-the-art services in a field of nonclinical and clinical studies. We gather a qualified team of experts, who carry‑out tasks from the various stages of projects/studies. As the consultancy company we deal with diversity issue...

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Expert Services

Jesalis Pharma GmbH

Expert Services for

  • Analytical Problems
  • Solid State Problems

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Consulting Services

ICON plc

Consulting Services

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Laboratory Services


Resource for optimal tableting: Medelpharm opened its brand new built-in laboratory in Spring 2017. The lab is under controlled atmosphere to perform powder characterisation and analysis. It houses amongst the latest innovative measuring equipment, the STYL'One Evolution Tableting Instrument, Smart test 50 an...

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Intertek Pharmaceutical Services

Our pharmaceutical auditing and management services give you a transparent view of your supply chain enabling you to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes. Through our shared audit programs, delivered by our global network of specialist auditors...

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Life Sciences Professional Services

Clarivate Analytics

Multi-disciplinary teams accelerating innovation in disease understanding, R&D decision-making, and drug assets to maximize portfolio ROI.With the huge cost and risks of drug development pharmaceutical companies face critical decisions – from target selection, patient segments and drug candidate selection...

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Metina Pharmconsulting Pvt Ltd

Metina Pharmconsulting Pvt Ltd offers EU GMP services to the manufacturing sites in India and worildwide. This includes pre-audit inspection, Gap analysis, EU GMP inspection slot confirmation and communication to the authorities, GMP preparedness of the sites, CAPA submission and support till EU GMP certifica...

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Manufacturing of medical and biotechnology

Ageron International S L

AGERON Polska is an international consulting company which offers manufacturing of medical and biotechnology. Contact us for more information.

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Regulatory Affairs


MEDIPHA SANTE offers a wide range of services which includes regulatory affairs. Features: it includes application for marketing authorization, monitoring of marketing authorizations, read legibility tests, active substances. Contact us for more information.

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Phage Production And Purification Services

Phage Consultants

Phage Consultants offers wide range of services which includes phage production and purification services. It is the extensive knowledge about requirements of phages to grow to high titres, and the guarantee, that the phage it would like to produce, will be the same it deliver. It know how to avoid phage cros...

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Consultancy services


TDV SL offers consultancy services. It is focused to provide quality and technical solutions to the pharmaceutical related industry, including fine chemicals, wholesalers, laboratories. It provides a long experience in preparation of regulatory inspections, good clinical practices, computerised system validat...

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GMP-Support: Qualification / Validation / Consulting

Quasaar GmbH

GMP-Support: Qualification / Validation / Consulting 
GMP-consulting and training aligned to your daily work. 

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Consulting Services

Chemical Weekly

No matter what your Query, we have the answer for you: Market Research Activities, Single Client Studies, Guage Market Potential, Define Entry Strategy, Identify Partners. Services rendered to clients in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland and UK.

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Inkemia IUCT Group

Inkemia IUCT Group offers a wide range of services which includes training service. Features: it is characterized by experimental training with small groups; practices under the conditions and regulations governing the business world; highly qualified professional training; innovative and widely used in the ...

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Certificate Validation


Wide range of services which includes certificate validation. Contact us for more information.

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Expert reports

Explicat Pharma GmbH

Explicat Pharma GmbH offers pharmaceutical services which include consutling and writing expert reports. Contact us for more information.

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Webinars and Internal Trainings


Trainings will teach you how to increase sales, to manage assortment, to decrease inventory, we will reveal how to build priority system in production,  increase due date performance and stock availability

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Value-added generic development

Avivia BV

Avivia offers full product development services to generic drug companies and specialty pharma focused on the development of new improved versions (value-added generics or generic plus) of established drug products.
Although in general the overall aim of value-added generic development projects is focused...

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CTP System S.r.l.

CTP SYSTEM has the right experience and know-how for companies that require Quality Services, support to Production Dynamics, Quality Assurance and Regulatory activities. We offer real value to our customers for a continuous updating and improvement of technical and regulatory activities, as for development...

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Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) Services

PharOS Ltd

PharOS Ltd. offers a wide range of services which includes chemistry, manufacturing and controls. Features: it uniquely qualified to assist in managing CMC needs. The skilled practitioners provide companies with the in-depth experience they need to ensure the robustness of their CMC capabilities. Dossier comp...

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Technical Services

Lyophilization Technology Inc

Complementing development sciences and clinical manufacturing, technical services include consultation on equipment specifications, scale-up, quality control, validation, and compliance auditing. On-site training is available in the fundamentals of lyophilization and validation.


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Api /cgmp manufacturing

Rohner Inc.

Rohner inc offers a wide range of technologies and services which includes api /cgmp manufacturing. Features: it is development, upscaling and production of api in fda-inspected cgmp equipment. Contact us for more information.

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Process consulting

Korber Medipak Systems GmbH

Körber medipak systems gmbh offers a wide range of services which includes process consulting. Contact us for more information.

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Customer advice

Wab India Pvt Ltd

Wab india pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes customer advice. Features: It is an internalised customer and market orientation of paramount importance. Contact us for more information.

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Cortellis opportunity monitor

Thomson Reuters (Markets)

Thomson reuters (markets) offers a wide range of products which includes cortellis opportunity monitor. Features: It automatically watches for industry developments that affect the status of drug licensing candidates are previously considered. Contact us for more information.

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Consulting and Services


SES-Tec OG offers service which includes Consulting and Services. Feature: It provides consultancy in the following field of activities: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Process-and Particle Simulation. A combination of above mentioned engineering disciplines leads to a coupled multi-phy...

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AcuScan 1500

AcuTech Scientific

Faster... Cheaper... More accurate!
Test batches anytime without stopping production. Save costs with rapid QA, with test results in less than 10 minutes.

No solvents needed. No sample destruction. Highly reproducible.

  • Robotic, automatic laser focusing. yw...
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    Quality Area

    T&B Pharma Consulting

    T&B Pharma Consulting offers wide range of solutions which includes quality area. It includes quality management systems implementation; validations (manufacturing process, cleaning, water systems, etc.); product periodic review - ppr, smf - site master file - review and elaboration; dmf - drug master file - ...

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    Gct (Global Clinical Trial)

    Rihim Pharma Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

    Rihim Pharma Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of services which includes gct (global clinical trial). It offers such service as the pharmaceutical market experiences rapid growth globally so more clinical trials are being conducted in india and inturn offering new opportunities for pharma industry. C...

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    Xendo B.V.

    Xendo B.V. offers wide range of services which includes consultancy. It belongs to bioprocessing category. It provides bioprocess consultancy services on-site for all areas in which bioprocessing is active. This ranges from interim management, project management, process (step) development, hands process exec...

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