Microscopes and optical image processing

Microscopes and optical image processing Companies (6)

Microscopes and optical image processing Products (6)

  • Product Nanoparticle analysis in pharmaceutical products

    Intertek offers wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes nanoparticles in pharmaceutical products analysis. It belongs to pharmaceutical analysis services category. It include nanoencapsulation of active ingredients (apis), liposome nanoemulsions for drug delivery or dispersed metallic nanoparticu...
  • Product OSeeT

    Phyllon produces the OSeeT, a PAT instrument to create cross section images of film layers in tablets, pellets, patches, capsules. It allows the measurement of the thickness of the layer, the roughness and the homogeneity in transparent and semi-transparent films.
    It is very simple to use, it does not requ...
  • Product PLANET : Tablet and Capsule Vision Inspection Machine

    Tablet and Capsule Vision Inspecion machine, PLANET performs optical inspection by 2D and 3D cameras with excellent inspection quality, ease parameter setting, without blind spot, various applicable shapes of tablet, minimum size parts, which designed and conformed to cGMP regulations. PLANET has two types ...
  • Product Inspection System for Pippettes, Cups and Droppers

    Pipettes, Cups and droppers are devices for dosing liquids in medical technology. For the conditional use of these mass products accuracy, cleanliness and safety are mandatory requirements. As well there must be no risk of injury to the user. To ensure that the dosed quantities of liquid are correct...
  • Product Induction Sealing Integrity verification system

    The ISIVS is in end of line equipment in the primary packaging of tablet and capsule containers.  The ISIVS (Induction Sealing Integrity Verification System) is testing, in-line, the integrity of the aluminum foil sealing of induction-sealed bottles. Advanced Thermal Imaging T...
  • Product Sergusa Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    Sergusa Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL) is a fast-emerging enterprise – a packaging giant in the horizon, providing niche and affordable solutions in primary packaging of foils and laminates meant for the pharma and FMCG sector.

    Our core competence lies in providing brand protection for custome...

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