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  • Product TechnoPharm - Making Science Work

    Published five times a year, “TechnoPharm“ features a broad spectrum of exclusive technical articles and original scientific submissions in German, written by authors with solid expertise in pharmaceutical production, machine engineering and related technical fields. To ensure the high quality of the contents...
  • Product Custom Bonding and Chromatography Resins for Small and Large Molecule Purification

    A wide range of DAVISIL® silica gel grades are available from one kg to multi-ton quantities to meet your application, performance, and economic requirements. DAVISIL® silicas are used to purify nutraceuticals, antibiotics, vaccine adjuvants, oil-based APIs, organic synthesis products (including intermediates...
  • Product Italy Life Sciences 2021

    The Italian life sciences industry is driven by two main forces: A competitive manufacturing power, with particularly large API capabilities that produce 9% of the world’s ingredients; and a diverse and fragmented biotech sector with excellent scientific credentials. While the former has been a major growth p...
  • Product United States Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals 2021

    For many years, the life science industry has had breakthrough ideas bubbling under the surface, but accepted truths are difficult to change. For example, people took it as a given that it takes years to develop a vaccine, that virtual medicine will never scale for doctors or patients, and the regulatory syst...
  • Product Continuous Thermal Sterilizer

    In Continuous Thermal Sterilization (CTS), media is pumped through:• Heat exchangers to rapidly heat it to process temperatures of 138-150°C
    • An insulated hold tube to retain it at temperature for just a few seconds
    • Cooling heat exchangers to rapidly cool it to the required finish temperature.
  • Product PuroMill™ Pharmaceutical Grade Milling Media

    PuroMill™ is the only commercially available cGMP pharmaceutical-grade milling media for reducing API particles to the nano scale. Made of advanced copolymer beads, PuroMill enables the creation of pure drug nanoparticles < 100 nm for the development of oral, injectable, pulmonary, ophthalmic and othe...
  • Product Guanosine (Grade I)

    Pharma Waldhof GmbH offers a wide range of nucleosides which includes guanosine (grade I).

    Application: Cosmetics, R&D, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates. Contact us for more information.

  • Product E business and Media communications

     Contract Pharma LLC is a multi-marketing media company offering a magazine, Enewsletters, a website and an annual conference (Sept 26-27, 2019) Now in it's 20th year, Contract Pharma is the leading publisher serving this sector.  We carry the lion's share of all advertising in the contract ser...
  • Product Chronicle Pharmabiz

    Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd. provides a products such as chronicle pharmabiz. It has target segments which includes primary segments such as classical pharma manufacturing; generics / api manufacturing; biopharma / biologicals manufacturing; clinical/ bio diagnostics manufacturing; biopharmaceuticals; biot...
  • Product Ingredients South Asia

    Ingredients South Asia (ISA) is India’s only B2B fortnightly that is devoted to three key ingredients sectors of pharma, food and cosmetics.the content of the magazine includes news, interviews, guest articles , features and updates on R&D, processing,manufacturing and use of ingredients in pharma, food, ...
  • Product Food & Beverage News

    Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd. provides  a product like Food & Beverage News. it has captured the imagination of the F&B industry in India. Its exhaustive coverage of issues relevant to F&B professionals, combined with its national reach make F&B News the most ideal medium for any business cater...
  • Product C &EN Chemical & Engineering news

    ACS - American Chemical Society offers c &en chemical & engineering news. It it is focused on applied research, chemists. It publishes metallopeptide catalyst eases synthesis of antibody-drug conjugates, synthetic receptors imitate gpcrs, molecular machine builds set of chiral molecules. A promising drug-targ...
  • Product Speciality Chemicals Magazine

    Speciality Chemicals offers wide range of publications which includes speciality chemicals magazine. It has become the leading publication dedicated to the fine and speciality chemicals industry. From its inception, the policy has been to deliver the latest on business, markets and technology in these importa...

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