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9 Jul 2021

Thermo Fisher supports gene developers with new AAV manufacturing solutions

A new media panel, gene kit and advanced resins help reduce manufacturing costs and increase the viability of gene therapies

Thermo Fisher Scientific has expanded its gene therapy portfolio to include a new media panel, gene kit and advanced purification resins to support gene therapy developers seeking to rapidly and efficiently scale adeno-associated viral (AAV) production.

AAV, which has become the preferred viral vector for delivering gene therapies, is difficult to scale, particularly during the purification process.

Thermo has responded to the challenge with "focused" investment into new solutions that produce higher quality viral vectors and simplify the purification process, thereby resulting in higher yield AAV production.

The Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media Panel covers a broad variety of HEK293 cell types and is not tied to specific transfection reagents or techniques. Its ready-to-use formulations will help AAV developers identify an optimal formulation for their target cell line.

The Applied Biosystems resDNASEQ Quantitative Plasmid DNA - Kanamycin Resistance Gene Kit offers an all-in-one solution for precise and rapid measurement of residual plasmid DNA.

Thermo Scientific POROS CaptureSelect AAV affinity purification resins can, according to the company, significantly improve downstream processing of viral vectors by reducing purification steps and offering scalability to maximise process consistency, efficiency and productivity.

CaptureSelect ligand technology, combined with the large pore structure of the POROS beads, enables efficient purification of large biomolecules such as viral vectors.

"Our expanding gene therapy portfolio is designed for a smooth ramp-up to clinical production and we have made focused investments to ensure we stay ahead of commercial demand," said Betty Woo, vice president and general manager, cell and gene therapy at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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