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28 Oct 2020

Evolution of media sterilization

Evolution of Media Sterilization

Using continuous thermal sterilization improve your media sterilization in a continuous process.

The overall heat exposure of a product is closely related to its quality. In a batch process, the exposure to heat varies from batch to batch and within a batch due to the time required for the heat to penetrate from the outside to the center of the batch or containers.

In continuous thermal sterilization (CTS) it uses a continuous process that is gentler to media versus autoclaving due to the shorter time of exposure and more consistent processing of the media.

Continuous thermal sterilization (CTS) utilizes a continuous and consistent thermal sterilization process for sterilization of media.

Please contact MTI Bioscience's Eric Schraibman at [email protected] to discuss how you can improve your media sterilization in a continuous process.

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