We are innovative by nature.
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Whenever we set off on never before explored paths, we take all the risks of the new, the unusual, the original. Hebron is like this, a company that carries innovation in its DNA. A pharmaceutical company that has noticed the infinite possibilities of finding new active principles in the biological diversity of our forests, not only to cure, but to promote health and quality of life for the population, without adversely affecting the preservation of the environment.

For 30 years, we have been committed not only to the production of drugs, but also exploring, discovering and bringing people ways to help improve their quality of life. Evidence of our commitment came to market in 1991, with the release of the first herbal medicine produced entirely in Brazil. Since then, our dedication to the development, production and distribution of innovative products has only grown.

We are a pharmaceutical company that researches, studies and participates in the world scientific community in an ethical way, developing drugs, exploring new formulas and discovering unique solutions that can change the course of the academic thinking.

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Central America (e.g. Mexico); South America (e.g. Brazil, Colombia)

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