HERMES PHARMA is the leading expert in developing and manufacturing user-friendly oral dosage forms. As a CDMO, we offer customized services along the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from new product development and formulation to manufacturing and regulatory support. For more than 40 years, healthcare companies around the globe have worked with HERMES PHARMA to expand their product lines and grow their brands.
Our sister company HERMES Arzneimittel has a rich portfolio of OTC brands and a long history in pharmaceutical excellence. So, we truly understand the chal...

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Products from HERMES PHARMA (5)

  • Effervescent Tablets

    Product Effervescent Tablets

    As the expert in user-friendly dosage forms we can make effervescent tablets that have a pleasant taste, even if they contain bitter or difficult-to-process APIs, ensuring they leave neither residue nor foam when they dissolve. The composition of our effervescent tablets helps to speed up the absorption of...
  • Orally Disintegrating Granules

    Product Orally Disintegrating Granules

    ODGs are small granules containing one or more APIs that are packaged into small sachets ‘stick packs’. ODGs can be poured directly into the mouth and immediately swallowed without the need for any additional fluid. We use hot melt coating (HMC) technology for poor tasting APIs to ensure that ODGs are plea...
  • HERMES NutriCaps

    Product HERMES NutriCaps

    HERMES NutriCaps - the new generation of supplements
    HERMES NutriCaps are a novel way to deliver food supplements. People can use the Nespresso**(hard-pod) coffee machine in their kitchen to prepare supplements as a delicious and nutritious hot drink. Simple, fast and convenient, HERMES NutriCaps help c...
  • Hot & Cold Instant Drinks

    Product Hot & Cold Instant Drinks

    HERMES PHARMA offers a wide range of user-friendly dosage forms which includes instant drinks. Instant drinks come in hot and cold versions and contain a single dose of powder or granules that dissolve in water, making them both easy to dose and consume. With extra rehydration benefits, instant drinks are ...
  • Chewable Tablets

    Product Chewable Tablets

    HERMES PHARMA offers a wide range of user-friendly dosage forms which includes chewable tablets.Chewable tablets are a convenient, more agreeable alternative to conventional tablets. As they are chewed, they spend longer in the mouth and are therefore tasted more thoroughly. We use flavorings, as required,...

HERMES PHARMA Resources (2)

  • News HERMES PHARMA Launches HERMES NutriCaps at CPHI/ICSE 2019

    HERMES PHARMA, the leading expert in user-friendly oral dosage forms, will be introducing HERMES NutriCaps at CPHI 2019 in Frankfurt, November, 5-7.
  • Video Is taking a pill as easy as pie?

    A recent study conducted in the US and Germany shows that more than half of the population – regardless of age or gender – has problems swallowing tablets and capsules. From breaking and dissolving to not taking them at all, people invent their own strategies to cope with tablets – unfortunately, this may reduce efficacy and treatment success. 

    We at HERMES PHARMA have over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals that are effective and easier to take than conventional tablets and capsules. Watch this video and visit to learn more about the study. It’s time to make medicines easier to take: