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    We extensively address the specific needs of the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, agrochemicals and specialty chemicals industries with our capabilities in Transition Metal Catalysis (TMC). Complex active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) are often stereochemically demanding: use of modern synthetic metho...
  • Product Ligands

    Solvias provides wide range of catalysis and ligands which includes ligands. It offers over 700 own ligands and catalysts in its portfolio, all having well-known industrial applications for asymmetric hydrogenation and CX-coupling. Every ligand in portfolio is synthesized through key common intermediates. ...
  • Product Noblyst® P

    Noblyst® P products are precious metal powder catalysts on various support materials mostly used in batch and slurry processes. This brand also comprises a range designed for flow chemistry processes. Evonik provides a full service package, including precious metals management. With production sites in all...
  • Product Intermediates

    Caldic is committed to providing superior quality intermediates and APIs, cost effective solutions, and innovative technologies to enable our customers’ long-term market success.Facilities are operated in accordance with cGMP (ICH Q7) and are regularly inspected by regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical ma...
  • Product Catalyst product guide

     Johnson Matthey provides a portfolio of advanced heterogeneous catalysts, homogeneous catalysts and chemocatalysts and biocatalysts for the pharmaceutical market. Our expert technical teams will deliver the solutions you need for more cost effective, efficient and sustainable chemistry.
  • Product Fine Chemical Catalysts Brochure

    The cost-effective production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals, nutrition components or flavors and fragrances gains more and more importance in industry. Catalysts play a key role in most reaction steps and their optimum selection and operation ensures the highest process yields and eff...
  • Product Chemical Process Catalysts

    Supported precious metal-based catalysts have widespread applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries due to their outstanding activities and selectivities.

    Sophisticated reduction technologies:The CDMO Division of KD Pharma operates highly corrosion resistant Inconel® facilities to perform hydrogenation under pressure up to 64 bar (928 psig) and temperatures up to 150°C from lab to industrial scale (4 m3). Both homogeneous as well as heterogene...
  • Product Catalysis Technology

    Solvias has a proven track record for the efficient and successful development of catalytic processes. This world-wide recognized expertise spans from discovery (catalyst evaluation) to the production of multi kg batches under optimized reaction conditions.

    Solvias’ areas of technical expert...
  • Product Blocking Group Removal Catalysts

    BASF’s Blocking Group Removal catalysts technology was developed in response to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and fine chemical marketplace.

  • Product Innovative supported catalysts

    Supported catalysts for C-C & C-N couplings, combining efficiency and low metal contamination
  • Product SpinChem RBR S2

    The SpinChem® Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) retains the solid phase as a packed bed inside the rotating cylinder. As the RBR spins, a continuously circulating flow develops. Reaction solution is rapidly aspirated from the bottom of the vessel, percolated through the solid phase and quickly returned to the ves...
  • Product Precious Metal Chemicals

    We offer a wide range of homogeneous catalysts and heterogeneous catalyst precursors for industrial applications. Can’t find what your looking for? Let us help – give us a call. Tel: +1-800-336-8559

    Analytical Expertise:
    Our analytical laboratories around t...
  • Product Ashby and Karstedt Catalysts

    BASF offers both Karstedt and Ashby catalysts in various concentrations and dilutants (e.g. various vinyl-terminated siloxanes, xylene, IPA), which can be optimized for your system. We consider it important to offer catalysts with an adjustable curing rate and minimal turbidity of the c...
  • Product Hydroformylation Rhodium Catalysts

     BASF’s rhodium-based hydroformylation catalysts are produced with the target to yield high ratios of linear aldehydes, which are preferred in most industrial applications. At the same time, they should enable our customers to operate their processes at lower temperature and p...
  • Product Cabot Norit Activated Carbon API Purification Sample Kit and sample kit for catalyst support

    The Cabot Norit Activated Carbon API Purification Sample Kit was developed to help process chemists remove impurities and develop a synthetic scheme to manufacture compounds for clinical trials. Purify more compounds in less time. Order your kit today at cabotcorp.com/pharmakit

    The Cabot Norit Activ...
  • Product Activated carbon for purification of your products

    Different impurities have different molecular size ranges. We manufacture and supply a full range of activated carbons with different pore size distributions and adsorptive properties. This enables you, to use a carbon that removes the impurities you want to remove, with optimal product recovery.


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