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Hi-Q's Marine Biotech Health Products – Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan in cooperation with the Taiwan government agencies – the Council of Agriculture (COA), the best Fucoidan functional materials & ingredients from Taiwan, for natural health and skincare. Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan (Low Molecular weight (500Da) Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide – mainly contains (fucose), extrac


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  • 12Floor Room 3, No.81,5th Xintai Road, Xizhi District, 221, Taipei City, Taiwan, China

Products from Hi-Q Marine Biotech Internatinal Ltd. (3)

  • FucoBeauty Fucoidan Facial Mask (Finished Products)

    Product FucoBeauty Fucoidan Facial Mask (Finished Products)

    Unique low molecular weight fucoidan ingredients - known as "the key to promote collagen evolution," not only continues to promote the vitality of your collagen.

  • FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan (Finished Products)

    Product FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan (Finished Products)

    Authorised technology by governmental organisation (FRI) can extract high purity low molecular weight fucoidan which offers very good absorption performance to users. Over 9 years successful sales experience from Taiwan headquarter, FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan already becomes a well-known product specific f...
  • FucoHiQ BalanGluco (Finished Products)

    Product FucoHiQ BalanGluco (Finished Products)

    It is a newly launched product from 2016, contains 50% low molecular weight fucoidan + 50% high stability fucoxanthin, provides better care to diabetes patients.