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Holodiag is a CRO dedicated to solid state and crystallization of small molecules:

  • Analyses for solid states characterizations, like polymorphism identification, by XRPD, DSC, TGA, laser PSD, DVS, FTIR - all analyses are applicable to HPAPI to 50 ng/m3
  • Screenings of polymorphs, salts and co-crystals
  • Crystallization processes

  • FR
  • 2015
    On CPHI since
  • 1 - 24
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Contract Research Organisation (CRO)
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Analytical Services
Contract Research Organisation
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Products from Holodiag (3)

  • Analytical services - OEL: 50 ng/m3

    Product Analytical services - OEL: 50 ng/m3

    • Control of pharma samples solid state : Identification and quantification of solid state, method development and validation, routine QC. • Analytical techniques available : XRPD, DSC, TGA, DVS, Laser PSD, FTIR, IDR. • All analyses are applicable to toxic samples down to : 50 n...
  • Crystallization processes

    Product Crystallization processes

    • We work to generate and gather all the necessary knowledge for crystallization process development : polymorphism, solubility, phase diagram and more. • Applications: Product recovery, yield/purity optimization, polymorphism control, enantiomer separation, crystallinity (from oil to po...
  • Solid state screenings & investigations

    Product Solid state screenings & investigations

    • These studies bring together knowledge on the nature of the solid states of a given compound (intermediates or APIs) and its associated properties (stability, solubility, dissolution) in order to select the right solid phase. • Screening operated: salts, cocrystals, polymorphs and amorphous solid dispe...