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Reformed from Zhushan Forestry Chemical Industry Factory, Zhushan County Tianxin Medical & Chemical Industry Co Ltd (hereinafter shortened as Tianxin Company) was established in the year of 2001, with register capital of RMB12,000,000 yuan. And it covers an area of 32 Mu (equals to 21344 square meters). The total employees are more than 120, 48 and most of them are technicians.

Taking full advantage of local abundant gallnut resources and adopting advanced technology, Tianxin company becomes a high technology enterprise with strict management and regular operation. Our main product...

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  • Tutang Road, Chengguan Town, 442200, Zhushan County, Hubei Province, China
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Products from Hubei Tianxin Biotech Co.,Ltd. (5)

  • Chinese Gallnuts

    Product Chinese Gallnuts

    Chinese gall, also referred to as Chinese gallnuts (or nutgalls), is a plant excretion produced when irritants are released by the larvae of gall insects, such as those of the Cynipidae family, the gall wasps. A major commercial source of medicinal gallnuts is oak trees, which yield the Chinese herb m...
  • Tannic Acid

    Product Tannic Acid

    Product Name: Tannic Acid

    Other Name: Tannin, gallic tannin

    Molecular Formula: C 76 H 52 O 46 

    Molecular Weight: 1434-1701.18

    CAS No.: [1401-55-4]
    Properties: Light yellow to light brown powder, oxidized with deeper co...
  • Gallic Acid

    Product Gallic Acid

    Product Name: Gallic Acid

    Chemical Name: 3,4,5 -Trihydroxy Benzoic Acid

    Molecular Formula: C7H6O5.H2O / C7H6O5

    Molecular Weight: 188.13 /170.12

    CAS No.: [149-91-7]
    Properties: White or white crystalline powder
    Usage: Widely use...
  • 3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzoic Acid

    Product 3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzoic Acid

    Product Name:3.4.5-trimethox benzoic acid

    Chemical name:3.4.5-trimethoxybenzoic acid

    Molecular formula:C10H12O5

    Molecular Weight:212.20

    CAS NO:118-41-2

    Quality Standard: Enterprise Standard

    Properties: White crystalline p...
  • Pyrogallol

    Product Pyrogallol

    Product Name: Pyrogallic Acid

    Other Name: Pyrogallol, 1,2,3 - Benzenetriol

    Chemical Name: 1,2,3 - trihydroxybenzene
    Molecular Formula: CH6(OH)3 

    Molecular Weight: 126.11

    CAS No.: [87-66-1]
    Properties: White crystalline powder, solub...