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10 Jul 2019

Introducing DIVASA-FARMAVIC - your reliable Veterinary CMO partner

DIVASA-FARMAVIC (DFV® Group) is a group of companies dedicated to the animal health and welfare. DFV® Group divides its activity into investigation, development, production and commercialization of veterinary and livestock sector products in many countries worldwide.

DIVASA (Distribuidora Productos Veterinaria y Agropecuarios, S.A.) was founded in 1970 as a pharmacological products distributor and a veterinary instruments manufacturer.

It was in 1977 when the development and production of pharmacologic specialities started. At the beginning of the 1980s the exportation activity started and the company Laboratorios Farmavic was purchased, adopting the name of DIVASA-FARMAVIC, S.A. In 1998 the brand and range Taber products was bought, initiating then the product line for pets.

DIVASA-FARMAVIC (DFV® Group) has 5 commercial structures which are located in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela and is present in more than 50 countries worldwide through commercial agreements.

The company has about 150 employees with a high degree of specialization involved in different areas and specialized sales teams in the different countries.

Its headquarters placed in Gurb-Vic, Barcelona (Spain) includes the manufacturing plant and warehouses, regulatory department, quality control laboratory, R+D laboratory and the main offices. It occupies a total surface of 42.000m², and after several expansions and renovations, the built surface is 15.704m², of which 1.750m² correspond to offices and 13.954m² to the manufacturing plant, laboratories and warehouses.

In terms of research, from its foundation, a challenge of configuring human, technical and financial resources has been raised, in order to execute projects increasingly ambitious and to concentrate its efforts in innovative products. This has enabled the company to obtain in the last 6 years, 6 European registers which are registered in most of the 28 EU countries.

DFV® Group is committed to rigor and quality, always working through the most up-to-date tools, adapting itself to changes in the market and the ever more demanding requirements of the EU which together with those of FDA, mark the maximum worldwide level. This has allowed the company to increasingly have the most effective, safest and maximum quality products available, with the aim to optimize animal health and welfare.

Product commercialization is carried out through internal and external structures.DFV® Group is present in many countries where animal health and welfare are a priority.

DFV® Group objective is to expand its international presence with an overall market vision, reinforcing relationship with its subsidiary companies and distributors in order to provide the best products and services to the sector.

Contract Manufacturer (CMO)

DIVASA-FARMAVIC has more than 20 year experience as a manufacturer for third companies (CMO) what gives the company a strong know-how in a wide range of pharmaceutical forms. Given its expertise on the GMP pharmaceutical development and manufacturing process, the company is considered a reliable CMO partner by the major international AHP companies in Europe.

DIVASA-FARMAVIC has completely renewed and widened the production site to totally adapt it to the latest EU GMP requirements. Being the main ones those which allow manufacturing:

  • Beta-lactams
  • Ectoparasiticides (including collars)
  • Flammable products

    The GMP Certificate was obtained in 1999 and it is periodically renewed.

    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are the manufacturing rules governing for medicinal products for human and veterinary use in the European Union. Manufacture includes all operations of purchase of materials and products, production, quality control, release, storage, distribution of medicinal products and the related controls. All internal procedures in Divasa-Farmavic follow these EU GMP rules in order to ensure during all production phases, the quality and precision of the process and guaranteeing a totally correct finished product.

    DIVASA-FARMAVIC has specific GMP-approved manufacturing lines (equipments, HVAC, cleanrooms) for beta-lactam and ectoparasiticide products which complies with ANNEX 4 of EU GMP.

    Currently, Divasa-Farmavic is one of the very few EU manufacturers that have fully GMP authorized facilities for collars, sprays and beta-lactams.

    What DFV® Group can manufacture

    The new state-of-art facilities can produce almost all specialities that pharmaceutical veterinary market demands and under EU GMP requirements.

    Within the pharmaceutical forms GMP authorized there are:
  • Sterile beta-lactams and non beta-lactams which are manufactured in separate production lines. Those are liquid solutions with aseptic filling and terminal sterilization, liquid suspensions with aseptic filling and extemporaneous powder for injections with aseptic filling.
  • Non-sterile beta-lactams and non beta-lactams which are manufactured in separate production lines. It concerns oral soluble powders and medicated premixes.
  • And other non beta-lactam pharmaceutical forms also GMP authorized, such as oral liquids (solutions, suspensions and emulsions), ectoparasiticide collars, aerosols and sprays, pour-on specialities and topical preparations like ectoparasiticide shampoos.

  • Other services DFV® Group can offer

    As complementary actions Divasa-Farmavic offers to their customers other services in order to optimize the manufacturing process:
    • Galenic development
    • Analytical development and validation
    • Process development and validation
    • Pilot and commercial batches manufacturing
    • Stability testing according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or to country-specific guidelines
    • Regulatory support

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