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About Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

JISL - JAY INSTRUMENTS & SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. is a part of Jaysynth group with 25 years of experience in Manufacturing & selling quality scales & systems & Marketing sophisticated, high-tech instruments for diverse application.

Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (JISL) is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions . Founded in 1987 in Mumbai. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a highly qualified technical workforce. Our Key business divisions are :-

Industrial Weighing Solutions
Colour, Light and Appearance Measurement
Inspection Systems
Laboratory Instruments
Packaging Solutions
Coding, Marking and Labeling Solutions
Textile Lab Solutions
Digital Textile Printing

In the Industrial weighing segment, the company primarily manufactures equipments and systems featuring weighing, measurement and automation technology for industrial applications. Our Key customers are from the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetic, paint, lubricants and numerous other industries. JISL has its own production facilities in Hubli, Karnataka and as sales & service and channel partners in all the major cities of India.

We represent a number of reputed international companies in India to complement our own product range. This enables us to offer turnkey end-to-end solutions that are at the leading edge of technology. Each business division has its own independent sales and service team that is focused in its product area and solutions.

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Products from Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • Capsule Checkweigher

    Product Capsule Checkweigher

    Individual checkweighing of different size capsules
    •          1.5 times faster response speed & 2 times higher accuracy
    •          Very high weighing accuracy +0.5mg
    •          Can weigh at a maximum speed of 1,20,000 capsules / hour
  • Flow Wrap Machine

    Product Flow Wrap Machine

    Wrapping of Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
    • Temperature controlling feature reduces energy costs and improves performance Servo driven with motion control. 
    • Offers wide range in height and width for many products.
    • Wrapping of products like inhaler, plastic injection, ampullen and many more.
  • High Speed Checkweigher

    Product High Speed Checkweigher

    Smart Measurement Function
    •          21 CFR Compliance
    •          Online checkweighing of bottle, carton, packet & pouch
    •          High rigid structure allowing safe and precise weighing
    •          Speed upto 600 products/min.
  • Metal Detector System

    Product Metal Detector System

    Innovative Metal Detection Technology
    • Identification and elimination of ferrous and Non-ferrous metal contaminants in packed and loose products on the conveyor
    • Superior Accuracy
    • Easy maintenance
    • Stable on production lines
  • Multi-Lane Checkweigher

    Product Multi-Lane Checkweigher

    Weighing control of Multi-Lane with one indicator
    •         Space saving design cases Line intergration.
    •         Centre pitch of the conveyour can be set at 50mm.
    •         Filling can be easily installed near filling packing machine. High speed precesion weighing for small packed products.
  • X-RAY Inspection System

    Product X-RAY Inspection System

    Ultra HD Technology with HD Systems
    •          X-ray inspection identifies foreign bodies in products, simultaneous to contaminant detection, shape analysis, missing items and package integrity issues
    •          High performance, accuracy and quality
    •           Simple to operate
    •          Easy maintenance
  • Benchtop Spectrophotometer CM-36d

    Product Benchtop Spectrophotometer CM-36d

    • Customize your own holder
    • Camera previewer for accurate sample positioning
    • Reflectance measurements, horizontal or top-port
    • Easy to read tilted LED indicator panel with measurement button
    • Wavelength Analysis & Adjustment – “WAA”
  • Continuous Inkjet Printer for Pharma production

    Product Continuous Inkjet Printer for Pharma production

    • High speed coding and marking machines
    • Up to 3 lines of text, symbols, numbers, barcodes
    • Data Matrix and QR codes
    • 7” colour touch screen
    • Simple self-service with up to 12 months between services - no engineer required, only 0.5 litres of ink changed
    • Printhead cleaning interval up to three months to reduce downtime and fluids consumption
    • Solvent consumption as low as 8ml/hour*
    • Linx PrinterNet enabled - remote monitoring and control of Linx 8800 Series printers via a secure, cloud-based service.
    • Printing on products and packages
    • Substrate- Porous/ Non-Porous

  • Drop On Demand Printer

    Product Drop On Demand Printer

    • Print character height of 12 mm to 50 mm.
    • 2 lines printingSuitable for line speed upto 180 mt/min.
    • Suitable for waterbased and solvent ink.
    • Solenoid technology print head.
    • Controller can manage one 16 dot or two 7 dot print heads.
  • Label Printer

    Product Label Printer

    • Industrial printer with extensive accessories.
    • Die cast aluminium housing.
    • Touch Screen LCD Color Display ( 272 x 480 pixels)
    • Quick and easy exchange of ribbon.
    • Internal rewinder.
    • Optional Peel-off accessory.
    • Available in 300 / 600 dpi. 
    • Print resolution.No adjustment of print head for different label width.
    • Printing on very narrow & thick continuous material.
    • Supports all linear barcode and 2D codes.
    • Programming: J-script & direct programming.

  • Lazer Coder

    Product Lazer Coder

    • Compact, complete laser coder in a single unit that meets coding needs at an affordable price
    • Operates without any consumables helps in minimizing running costs
    • Flexible user interface options to control laserIP54 stainless steel and anodized aluminum enclosure to withstand manufacturing environment
    • Operates without interconnections, so the risk of accidental damage to cables by twisting or chemical reactions is eliminated, improving laser reliability
    • Multiple mounting positions and orientations support available for installations
    • Single unit installation reduces production line space usage and installation time
    • Printing on products and packages
    • Substrate- Porous/ Non-porous
    • Majority of materials can be effectively marked with a laser coder
  • Platform Weighing Scale

    Product Platform Weighing Scale

    • Industrial design. 
    • Suitable for general purpose weighing in industry
    • Rugged tube frame construction with high structural integrity
    • Height adjustable feet and optional spirit level for accurate weighing 
    • Optional indicator stand and back rail or trolley
    • Models available for installation in safe or hazardous areas
    • Capacity from 10 kg to 1000 kg with single load cell

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