Global leading manufacturer of bio-active beta glucans and medicinal mushroom extracts.Hangzhou Johncan Mushroom Biotechnology Co.LTD has been operating in the biotechnology sector since 2003. Gaining experience, based on traditional extraction methods, blended with cutting edge bio-tech applications, the company is now setting the industry standards for quality medicinal mushroom products. Our moto is "Partner to succeed".We offer very wide range of fungal species and grades of bio-active extracts in stock. We have incomparable ability to manufacture target products upon request.As medicinal mushrooms deliver bio-active ingredients with no side effects, our products are usually considered by pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, as well as by health food and supplement companies. Lately functional food companies have started including mushroom extracts in their ingredient lists.In Europe Johncan Mushroom is represented by Nutris ( for the territory of Spain and Portugal.

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