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We, JW Holdings, are moving forward toward global healthcare group. JW Holdings, as a holding company, we are concentrating all our efforts to ensure stable growth of business companies including JW Pharmaceutical, JW Shinyak, JW Life Science, JW Medical. JW Holdings, a business holding company, directly handles overseas business for raw materials, finished pharmaceuticals, medical device and etc. produced by subsidiaries. JW Holdings also generate profits from management services, subsidiaries’ equity interest, brand royalties, service fees from subsidiary companies. Moreover, JW Holdings focus on establishing a vision so each business unit can gain competitiveness and create synergies that grow into a global healthcare group.

- IV Solution (Total Parenteral Nutrition, Amino Acids, etc.)
- Antibiotics (Carbapenem injection & API)- Differentiated Products (Finasteride, Dutasteride, Olmesartan, etc tablets)
- Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
- Consumer Healthcare (Wound care, Skin & Beauty Care, Hair Care)

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Products from JW Holdings Corporation

  • Winuf® Inj

    Product Winuf® Inj

    JW Holdings Corporation provides wide range of pharmaceutical products which includes winuf® inj. Dosage and administration: it contains the nation's highest content of fish oil and builds optimal concentrations in anti-inflammatory and immune function. Contact us for more information.
  • JW Carbapenem Antibiotics

    Product JW Carbapenem Antibiotics

    Carbapenem antibiotics is one of the main export items of JW Holdings Corporation and widely recognized not only in the domestic but also in the global market.In 2004, JW succeeded in developing the entire process of manufacturing the world 1st generic drug of Imipenem. 
    Since then, with our own technology and expertise, JW could develop to next generation Carbapenem antibiotics like Meropenem, Doripenem and Ertapenem.

    1. Prepenem® (Imipenem + Cilastatin Sodium Injection)
    - The first generic of Imipenem in the world developed by JW
    - 250mg, 500mg (Dry powder for injection)
    - Both API and FDF is manufactured by JW

    2. Pospenem® (Meropenem)
    - Unlike imipenem, meropenem does not need dHp-1 inhibitor because of methyl group at ring
    - 500mg, 1g (Dry powder for injection)
    - Both API and FDF is manufactured by JW
    3. Finipenem® (Doripnem)
    - JW has differentiated doripenem with a new crystalline   form unlike originator's product
    - 250mg (Dry powder for injection)
    - Both API and FDF is manufactured by JW

    4. Ertapenem
    - JW succeeded the development of API of Ertapenem with our own technology, exporting for targeting US market.
    - Non-sterile API
  • Wound Care (Himom Band/Foam/Burn/Ag)

    Product Wound Care (Himom Band/Foam/Burn/Ag)

    JW Holdings provides total solution of Wound Care for your family with HIMOM BAND.

    Himom Band Premium for Wound Healing
    - Hydrocolloid containing Aloe Vera for pain relief
    - A sterile adhesive bandage for protecting from secondary infection
    - Diverse size and types to apply regarding the wound type (small, regular, large, combination, cut-and-use, spot, liquid)

    Himom Foam for Wound Dressing
    - Polyurethane foam for wide / exudative wound and sensitive skin
    - Diverse customized size for wound type (2mm, 5mm thickness, knee/heel/elbow, hemostasis)

    Himom Band for Beauty
    - Contain Ag for sun protection and protecting secondary infection
    - Widely used for wound after removing mole and acne scar
    - Spot type and Cut-and-use type

    Himom Burn for Early Burn
    - Hydro Gel(liquid spray) : cooling effect as applying running water for 15 minutes
    - Band : cooling effect, keeping the wound moist and absorbing exudate
  • Skin & Beauty Care (INITIUM HA Filler)

    Product Skin & Beauty Care (INITIUM HA Filler)

    INITIUM, which means 'Start' in Latin, is JW's hyaluronic acid dermal filler providing the first step towards a beautiful look. INITIUM has three types accordingly for the customerized part from fine wrinkle to deep wrinkle and also for volume.

    INITIUM Nº5 : For fine wrinkle as side of eyes and for filling out thin lipsINITIUM Nº7 : For deep wrinkle as smile lines, forehead, cheeksINITIUM Nº9 : For volume as nose, chins, etc.

    Initium uses premium hyaluronic acid ingredients approved by FDA and EDQM and guarantees good quality through the raw material processing that meets international standards and the production process that meets GMP standards.
  • Skin & Beauty Care (Inner Beauty Supplements)

    Product Skin & Beauty Care (Inner Beauty Supplements)

    JW Living Healthcare, as one of operating company of JW Group, is producing and supplying health functional foods, household items and other products for customers' good quality and healthy life.