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Kappa Bioscience, producer of K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7, is the pioneer in development and production of exceptionally pure all-trans menaquinone-7 by organic synthesis. K2VITAL® is 99.7% biologically active MK-7 produced in Kappa’s GMP-certified Norwegian facility. Protected, microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA is Kappa's market-leading solution to K2 stability and compliant consumer products. Unprotected K2 is not stable when formulated with minerals, and DELTA ensures stability, quality and delivery on label claim. The K2VITAL® product portfolio offers a full range of formats and concentrations designed to support innovative dose, formulations and product success.

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  • K2VITAL®

    Product K2VITAL®

    K2VITAL® greatly improves both bone and heart health via regulation of calcium balance in the body. It aids calcium in reaching the bone mass and incorporating calcium then into the bone, where it is needed for bone building and strengthening. Furthermore, it ensures calcium is not deposited in the arteries, where it can build up and cause serious cardiovascular risk.

    Product K2VITAL® DELTA

    Vitamin K2 is with this double Protected, microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA stable in formulations with minerals. This ensures vitamin K2 stability, shelf‑life and label claim in challenging formulations that include calcium or magnesium.

Kappa Bioscience AS Resources

  • News Kappa Bioscience & S.A. Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. to Focus CPhI19 on Vitamin K2 Pharma Success Since Drug Approval

    Kappa Bioscience, maker of K2VITAL® vitamin K2-7, will co-exhibit at CPhI in Delhi Nov 26-28 alongside distributor S. A. Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. of Mumbai. These companies announced a first-of-its-kind drug import license for vitamin K2 in India at CPhI18 and will present recent market developments at this year’s show.

  • News Is your K2 product stable?

    We believe that science is the key to success. Although vitamin MK-7 assay tests can cost up to 1,000 Euro per test, Kappa is making this investment to help ensure the healthy development of the vitamin K2 market. 
    Testing ensures that consumers get value for money, expected health benefits, and that brands are protected from the downside effects of quality shortfalls. The idea for this program arose in a live discussion during Kappa’s September 2017 vitamin K2 Expert Panel Webinar.
    Our science was challenged. This offer is our response. It builds upon Kappa’s long track record of investing in the science of vitamin K2 and vitamin K2 analysis.
    We look forward to your participation. 
    Egil Greve 
    CEO Kappa Bioscience