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For more than 80 years, we have been a leader in innovation and applications of media supplements and excipients serving the biotech, pharmaceutical and nutrition market, providing innovative solutions such as pharmaceutical grade lactose, film coatings, self lubricating excipients, tabletting systems, and flavors for drug delivery systems.We bring together our collective expertise, technologies and global resources to partner with you to develop innovative and market-driving solutions. Through continued investment in research and technologies, we help you compete in a rapidly changing global ...

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Products from Kerry (5)

  • Sheffield Pharmaceutical Grade Lactose

    Product Sheffield Pharmaceutical Grade Lactose

    Kerry has over 85 years experience as a leading global manufacturer of excipients. We manufacture an extensive line of anhydrous, spray dried and monohydrate grades of lactose meeting NF/JP/EP monographs in a variety of particle sizes
  • SheffCoat™ Film Coating

    Product SheffCoat™ Film Coating

    Sheff Coat™ fi lm coatings are pre-blended ready-to-use coatings that allow you to customize a fi lm coating that is compatible with your API and regional regulatory requirements.
  • Reddi Flo AG (Modified Spray Dried Lactose, Agglomerated)

    Product Reddi Flo AG (Modified Spray Dried Lactose, Agglomerated)

    Reddi Flo® AG is a new, agglomerated crystalline lactose designed for optimal flow, compression, and stability in tableting applications.  Some of the applications that would benefit from using Reddi Flo® AG, would be:  • Direct compression of moisture sensitive actives, with low dos...
  • Foremost Brand Spray Dried Lactose

    Product Foremost Brand Spray Dried Lactose

    Spray dried grades include NF Lactose Monohydrate Spray Dried 315 and 316 Fast®. Foremost® 316 Fast Flo® is ideal for direct compression and 315 may be used in direct compression and also used in capsule filling, with 316 Fast Flo® designed for optimal flow through high speed tablet pres...
  • Disintequick™ ODT

    Product Disintequick™ ODT

    Disintequik™ ODT is a co-processed excipient designed for direct tabletting operations for use in orally dissolving tablets, in that the tablet is designed to be dissolved on the tongue rather than swallowed whole. An additional convenience is that the tablet can be taken without water. It can be blended w...

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