KitoZyme specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices, food supplements and oenological ingredients from fungal chitosan and chitin-glucan. Our products are backed up by over 15 years of Research & Development. And we have a solid portfolio of patents to protect our products, applications and production processes.Our team has successfully conducted a large nu...

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Products from KITOZYME (3)

  • TransiBiota

    Product TransiBiota

    TransiBiota is  medical device intended to be used in the ● treatment of moderate constipation,● promotion of normal transit, and● relief of gastro-intestinal symptoms related to constipation and/or gut dysbiosis . Contact us for more information.
  • KiOslim

    Product KiOslim

    KiOslim is a new and unique technology based on patented ingredients to help with treatment of excess weight by: improving the satiation feeling during a meal, preventing cravings, absorbing 46% of sugar, binding fat. Feature: its proven high viscosity in gastric conditions, numerous clinical trials with t...

    Product Slim MED ADVANCED

    Slim Med™ Advanced is a class IIb medical device that has been developed for use in the treatment and prevention of overweight diseases.. Feature: - its superior fat-binding capacity is based on a change in weight: up to -5.9kg - a flat belly effect > change in abdominal circumference: up to -8cm - bind...