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3 Dec 2012

Market potential forecasts hindered by lack of emerging markets information

Cutting Edge Information's latest study looks at the challenges presented by lack of available market information in developing countries.

Pharmaceutical companies often find it hard to predict a product's market potential in an emerging market because of the lack of available market information, a study suggests.

Cutting Edge Information's latest research looked at the subject of pharmaceutical brands' launch sequence strategies.

Its study found that the timing of drug launches in emerging markets is often influenced by the lack of available market information.

As a result, these countries are often not included in the first or second wave of launches for a new product.
The lack of reliable outsourced vendors in countries such as Russia, India and China also presents a challenge to pharmaceutical companies in need of assistance with their launch efforts.

This means that many decide to establish their own facilities in developing markets.

Adam Bianchi, chief operating officer at Cutting Edge Information, explained: "One of the benefits of building infrastructure in emerging markets is building a knowledge base that is very difficult to gather through secondary information.

"Market information in secondary markets is very difficult to obtain because fewer companies are collecting it."

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