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MUP established in 1984 to develop regional pharmaceutical market.​

MUP becomes leading international pharmaceutical company, generating revenue of around 2.4 Billion LE in 2018. We have a balanced business model for sustainability, covering branded generics and biosimilar that are well diversified by geography and product. We have operations in more than 40 countries across three continents, employing 2,357 people globally.​
We develop, manufacture and market a broad range of branded and non-branded generic pharmaceutical products across the ME, Africa, CIS and East Europe.

Our primary objective is to improve lives by providing patients with high-quality, affordable medicines while creating long-term value for shareholders and building a sustainable business for our employees and communities.​

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  • 2020
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  • 36 Dr. Mohamed Hasan Al Gamal, 6th District, Nasar City, 11471, Cairo, Egypt
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Products from Medical Union Pharmaceuticals (10)

  • Insulinaegypt

    Product Insulinaegypt

    Active ingredient: Insulin human injection 
    Indication: Hypoglycemic Agent 

    Forms:    Vails & Cartilages

    Doses:   Insulinagypt N 100 IU
                   Insulinagypt R 100 IU
  • Davalindi Tablet

    Product Davalindi Tablet

    Active ingredient: 10 mg Cholecalciferol Concetrate (100.00 IU/g) equivalent to (1000 IU) cholecalciferol (vit. D3) 
    Indication: Vit. D3 supplement, treatment of rickets and osteoporosis 

    Forms: Tablet

    Pack Size: 100 tab 
  • Dexamethasone

    Product Dexamethasone

    Active ingredient: 8 mg Dexamethasone Phosphat / 2 ml Amp.        

    Indication: Systemic Corticosteroid 

    Forms: Ampoule
  • Levanic

    Product Levanic

    Active ingredient:  Levofluxacin

    Indication: Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic ( Quinolone Group )

    Forms: Levanic 500 mg Tablet
                Levanic 750 mg Tablet
  • Mobitil

    Product Mobitil

    Active ingredient: Meloxicam 

    Indication: Non steroidal Anti-inflammatory, analgesic 

    Forms: Tab, Amp and suppositories 

    Doses:  Mobitil  15 mg Supp, Mobitil  7.5mg Tab, Mobitil  15 mg Tab, Mobitil  15 mg Ampoule
  • Pantoloc Tablet

    Product Pantoloc Tablet

    Active ingredient:  Pantoprazole ( as Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydrate)
    Indication: Treatment of reflux oesophagitis, gastric & duodenal ulcers, Zollinger - Ellison Syndrome

    Forms: Pantoloc  20 mg Tablet
  • Silvirburn

    Product Silvirburn

    Active ingredient: 10 mg Silver sulfadiazine / 1 gm 

    Indication: For prophylaxis and treatment of infection in burn wounds   

    Forms: Cream and Aerosol 
  • Unictam

    Product Unictam

    Active ingredient: Ampicillin  Sulbactam

    Indication: Upper Respiratory tract infections and Lower respiratory tract infections 

    Forms: Vial, Tab and Suspension 

    Doses: Unictam Vail 375 mg
                 Unictam Vail...
  • Vidrop

    Product Vidrop

    Active ingredient: 1 Drop = 100 I.U.Vit D3 (Colecalciferol)
    Indication: Vit. D3 supplement, treatment of rickets and osteoporosis

    Forms: Oral Drpos 

  • Xoraxon

    Product Xoraxon

    Active ingredient: Ceftriaxone Sodium

    Indication: Lower RT inf., Acute Bacterial 

    Forms: Vial

    Doses: Xoraxon Vial 0.5 mg Vial (I/V)
                Xoraxon Vial 1 gm Vial (I/V)

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