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Perfection in Radiation Sterilization!

For more than 20 years Mediscan GmbH &CoKG has been offering comprehensive services in the field of radiation treatment of products in two facilities in Austria, one located in Kremsmünster and a second one in Seibersdorf.

We support our customers in all aspects of sterilization and refinement of products by the use of


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Products from Mediscan GmbH & CoKG (2)

  • Mediscan - our new site in Kremsmuenster

    Product Mediscan - our new site in Kremsmuenster

    Two technologies (E-Beam and X-Ray) to sterilize and finish products are used together in a single system at the new site

  • Rhodotron® Dual site

    Product Rhodotron® Dual site

    Mediscan operates one Rhodotron TT-100 and ond Rhodotron TT-300 electron accelerator which can provide either high-electrons or alternatively photons.

    To generate X-Rays, an electron beam is directed on a metal plate, where high energy photons are demitted. These X-ray photons are comparabl...