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  • Product PROTEGO IMMUNITY with VITAMIN D3 2000

    Food supplement Protego IMMUNITY with Vitamin D3 2000, 20 effervescent tablets.
    Vitamin C - 1000 mg

    Vitamin D3 - 2000 iu
    ZINC - 15 mg
  • Product Aura Herbals Jodadrop - bioactive source of iodine, concentrate, drops (30ml)

     Approximately 90 daily portions

    - the product is suitable for vegans  
    - the simplest composition, with no unnecessary additives
    - the formula consists of water molecules and inorganic iodine, namely iodides, which are better absorbed by the body and do not burden the liver
  • Product Magnekom

    Komot Pharmaceutical offer e new formula:Magnekom contains patented Magnesium ATA Mg® (magnesium acetyl taurate salt), which provides high bioavailability. ATA Mg® contains acetyl structure and Taurine in the same molecule. ATA Mg® has the highest bioavailability in the brain at the low Mg dose.&nbs...
  • Product Calcium Gluconate EP/BP/USP/IP

    Global calcium manufactures wide range of pharmaceutical products which includes calcium gluconate ep. It belongs to calcium produtcs category. It is a white or almost white, crystalline or granular powder. It is sparingly soluble in water, freely soluble in boiling water.
  • Product Calcium carbonate 500 mg caplets

    Calcium - Carbonate. Registered with Health Canada.
  • Product Plusssz line

    Plusssz is a professional brand and a leader of modern solutions in the category of vitamins and minerals. The Plusssz line consists of wide range of products designed to fulfil various needs. Innovative double-layered effervescent tablets, unique compositions and precisely selected doses of vitamins and esse...
  • Product Chocowise® Easy Iron

    Chocowise® Easy Iron is the most delicious iron supplement for women and children. Thanks to characteristics of iron fumarate form on the one side, and the chocolate as the excellent camouflaging matrix on the other side, it provides all benefits of iron supplementation with less chance of experiencing co...
  • Product Nutrisprint Salino

    Fluid and electrolyte balance. Range of application
    • in case of sports activity associated with intense sweating
    • in case of fatigue, chronic fatigue, and stress
    • in case of major fluid loss
    • in case of exhaustion following periods of intense heat 

    It combines Magnesium an...

    Food supplement Protego Electrolytes Orange, 20 effervescent tablets;
    Vitamin C

    Food supplement Protego Magnesium B6, 60 tablets

    Magnesium lactate
  • Product PROTEGO MAGNESIUM B6 effervescent

    Food supplement Protego Magnesium B6 effervescent, 20 effervescent tablets
    orange flavor
  • Product Aura Herbals Immune System Support - Minerals and Vitamins, 60 capsules

    30 daily portions

    - natural and certified vitamin D (Quali®-D) from lanolin
    - certified vitamin C (Quali®-C)
    - high content of active ingredients
    - extract from citrus fruit, standardized for 60%  bioflavonoids
    - clean label - the simplest composition, with no unnecessary additiv...
  • Product Ladeekom

    Ladeekom Food supplement capsules for pregnant ladies. Contains Folic acid, Iron, Omega‑3, vitamins and minerals 

  • Product Berroxin® Gummies

    BERROXIN® GUMMIES:• contains FENACTIVE™ with proven properties and effectiveness• contributes to the normal function of the immune system (vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc),• does not contain preservatives or artificial additives
    • sugar-free 
    • naturally tasty (no artificial colorants, flavours)
  • Product Centax Mental Complex

    Important nutrients for memory and concentration 

    Centax Mental Complex has been formulated based on scientific evidence to provide key ingredients beneficial for healthy brain function in a convenient dose Centax Mental Complex combines the plant extracts ginseng and ginkgo with valuable vit...

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