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  • Product SlezaVit

    Zinc oxide, 10,0 mg. + Ascorbic Acid, 60,0 mg. + Selenium, 25,0 mcg. + Vitamin B1, 1,5 mg. + Chromium, 50,0 mcg. + Vitamin B2, 3,0 mg. + Lutein, 10,0 mg. + Vitamin B6, 2,0 mg. + Zeaxanthin 1,0 mg. + Vitamin E, 10,0 mg. + Copper sulphate, 1,0 mg. + Vitamin A, 1,0 mg. + Blueberry Extract, 60,0 mg. per capsul...

    Retinorm is a family of nutraceuticals in capsules and sachets. They contain antioxidant components with proven properties supported by Clinical Studies (AREDS and AREDS2), such Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zn and Cu.  

    Retinorm Flash is also enriched with Saffron e...
  • Product Magnekom

    Komot Pharmaceutical offer e new formula:Magnekom contains patented Magnesium ATA Mg® (magnesium acetyl taurate salt), which provides high bioavailability. ATA Mg® contains acetyl structure and Taurine in the same molecule. ATA Mg® has the highest bioavailability in the brain at the low Mg dose.&...
  • Product Pearly Whites Oral Care gummy

    Oral Care gummy with Vitamin D and Calcium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth. Pectin-based, sugar free.
  • Product HemoCure Micro-pellets

    A unique formula of chelate Iron which contains Iron Fez+ as Iron bisglycinate I, Vitamin B12, Folic ocid, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C in the form of micro pellets with slowly releasing properties. 

  • Product Calcium carbonate 500 mg caplets

    Calcium - Carbonate. Registered with Health Canada.
  • Product Liposomal Quercetin

    Ginger.  Recommended daily dosage:  
    10 mL/day (250 mg Quercetin)

    This plant-derived ingredient has excellent antioxidant properties. It can protect you from allergies, inflammation and hypertension. Several scientific studies have proven that advanced liposomal tech...
  • Product Advancis Omegamousse

    Advancis offers a wide range of products which includes Advancis Omegamousse.  • Food supplement in the form of an emulsion composed by Omega-3, essential fatty acids. With a high concentration of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), which has unquestionable benefits in the development of the brain, relations,...
  • Product Plusssz line

    Plusssz is a professional brand and a leader of modern solutions in the category of vitamins and minerals. The Plusssz line consists of wide range of products designed to fulfil various needs. Innovative double-layered effervescent tablets, unique compositions and precisely selected doses of vitamins and e...
  • Product Nutrisprint Salino

    Fluid and electrolyte balance. Range of application
    • in case of sports activity associated with intense sweating
    • in case of fatigue, chronic fatigue, and stress
    • in case of major fluid loss
    • in case of exhaustion following periods of intense heat 

    It combines Magnesium...
  • Product Ladeekom

    Ladeekom Food supplement capsules for pregnant ladies. Contains Folic acid, Iron, Omega‑3, vitamins and minerals 

  • Product BlueGuard Eye softgel

    An all-in-one softgel capsule that helps protect consumers' vision. The powerful blend of antioxidants, including litein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin, acts as a natural shield against blue light. Gelatin-based. Small capsule size.
  • Product Liposomal VIT C

    Orange. Vanilla.  Recommended daily dosage: 10 mL/day (1000 mg Vitamin C).

    Did you know that glutathione is an antioxidant that protects our cells from free radicals and harmful toxins? 
    Since our cellular glutathione levels decrease with age, supplementation is advised.&...
  • Product Liposomal Glutathione

    Lemon. Green apple. Recommended daily dosage: 
    10 mL/day (400 mg Glutathione).i

    Did you know that glutathione is an antioxidant that protects our cells from free radicals and harmful toxins? Since our cellular glutathione levels decrease with age, supplementation is advised.&nbs...
  • Product B・SYNC® ON 

    B·SYNC® ON  eliminates wake-up difficulties and elevates positive emotions to empower night owls, shift workers, and business travelers on a global scale to control their inner clock and wake-up with ease! 

    B·SYNC® ON  aligns our inner clocks to our lifestyles effectivel...
  • Product Beauty Collagen + Vitamin C

    Beauty Collagen + C, effervescent tablets No. 20 Elasticity and Moistening! Collagen helps to reduce wrinkles and contribute skin hydration and elasticity. It helps create firmer, smoother more radiant skin. Collagen contributes to regenerate healthy skin tissues and build new skin cells. As well as, it he...
  • Product Gummies, Jellly Beans

    HEALTH BENEFITSWide range assortment of products with a focus on bone health, antioxidants and immune system

    GENERATIONSBasic product line for the whole family — because all of us want to improve physical and mental performance

    UNIVERSALThe human immune system is the biggest topic of ...
  • Product DuoCaps: CardioOmega, MultiOmega

    Sustained release capsulesDUOCAP® is a patented capsule-in-capsule delivery system that is ideal for combination products.
    DUOCAP® capsule technology creates the necessary conditions for the release of each ingredient. 
    The OUTER CAPSULE delivers to your stomach to release components resista...

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