Alimentary Tract and Metabolism

Alimentary Tract and Metabolism Companies (7)

Alimentary Tract and Metabolism Products (6)

  • Product Be Natural Energy Shot, 60 ml

    Concentrated phyto active formula for energy boost. Ready to drink shot with shisandra fruit extract, chili fruit extract,arctic root extract, siberian ginseng root and maca root extract. Vegan, no sugar, no artificial flavorings or sweeteners, gluten and gmo free.
  • Product NMSML-L

    Vitamin D complex to prevent falls, food supplement.
  • Product LIQUID VITAMIN D3 (Cholecalciferol)

    Cholecalciferol is Vitamin D3, which is important for calcium homeostasis and for optimal skeletal health; it acts by (i) increasing the efficiency of calcium absorption from the small intestine and enhancing the absorption of phosphorus from the distal small bowel, which results in proper mineralization o...
  • Product Diosmectite IBE

    UAB Corpus Medica offers wide range of medical products, which includes Diosmectite. Diosmectite belongs to alimentary tract and metabloism group, other intestinal adsorbents. This product is intended for the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea in adults and acute diarrhoea in children...
  • Product Be Natural Detox after Party shot, 60 ml

    Concentraded phyto active formula for detoxification. Ready to drink shot with cranberry juice extract, dandelion root extract, milk thistle extract (sylimarin), l-glutamine, zinc. Vegan, no sugar, no artificial flavorings, gluten , sugar and gmo free.
  • Product ColonLife

    ColonLife is a food supplement based on an innovative formula on the purpose of sequential therapy for bowel inflammation syndromes and disorders. The product is composed by two different blisters: blue blister is composed of butyric acid and grapefruit seed extracts, the red blister is composed of 2 billi...

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