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  • Product Insulin H MIX 100 IU Injection

    Each 1 ml contains: ‎
    Recombinant human insulin 12 or 30 IU
    ‎Recombinant human Protamine-insulin 28 or 70 IU

    ‎Diabetes mellitus type I: (insulin dependant) in children and adults.
    ‎Diabetes mellitus type II :( non insulin dependant) at...
  • Product Enavogliflozin (SGLT2i)

    Enavogliflozin is a best-in-class SGLT2 inhibitor for T2DM.

    Highlights of Enavogliflozin:
    * NDA filed, Accelerated Approval granted by MFDS, expected market approval within 2022 for T2DM
    * T2DM Phase III was completed in Korea as a stand-alone and as combinations with other anti...
  • Product Insulin H BIO R 100 IU Injection

    In case of subcutaneous injection, the drug begins to act within 30 minutes, reaches its maximum effect within the period from 1-3 hours after injection. Duration of action is 8 hours.
    Profile of the drug action depends on dosage and reflects significant individual features.

    Indications: qq...
  • Product Insulin H NPH 100 IU Injection

    Insulin H NPH 100 IU Injection
  • Product Gensulin N, M, R vials

    Recombinant Human Insulin (cartriges)
  • Product ATB-101

    [ARB+SGLT-2i Fixed Dose Combination] – In process of Phase 3 clinical trial on approx. 250 patients
    1. The first Fixed Dose Combination treating hypertension and type 2 diabetes by a tablet in the world

    2. Expect the synergistic effect in the treatment of hypertension though mi...

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