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  • Product Enzymax DuoBiotics

    Targeted Dual Release:  The external capsule dissolves in the stomach, releasing digestive enzymes that are optimal in the acidic medium. The internal capsule dissolves in the intestine, releasing pro- and prebiotics, that help protect and regenerate intestinal flora.
  • Product LACTOFAR

    Lactofar is a product for digestive system, containing both probiotic substance and herbal extract, thus working in three different ways: it promotes digestive health; improves intestinal motility and secretion of gastric juice, as well as prevents discomfort. It is necessary to obtain probiotic substanc...
  • Product Enzymax Sticks

    Same digestive enzymes, easier to swallow.

    Enzymax Sticks comes in a convenient stick form, for easier swallowing. Enzymax Sticks can be used to treat digestive symptoms such as fullness and belching.

    Paediatric application.
  • Product Enzymax Lipofood (FSMP)

    Enzymax Lipofood is registered as a Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP), also referred to as Medical Nutrition Therapy, and is a regulatory status between a Food Supplement and a Drug.

    FSMPs are used for patients with malnutrition or with certain medical diseases/disorders, under the s...

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