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  • Product Fermenters

    Fermentation is mostly extracellular activity and is brought with the help of enzymes released by the microorganisms. The Fermenter is designed to meet all process requirement for micro-organism to achieve maximum growth and productivity. Features:
    • Fully automated or semi-automated models
    • 21 CF...
  • Product Serum-Free and chemically defined Medium/Media

    Our Media are designed for small- and large-scale biomanufacturing and feature full and easy scalability.

  • Product Process Vessels

    We build tailor-made process vessels to meet the process requirements of our customers that ensure the integrity, long life and reliability. Process vessel are designed for various functions such as media preparation, preparation, inactivation, or any other as per process requirement.Instrumentation and autom...
  • Product Filtration Skids

    Filtration skid are designed for different types of filtration needs –cell removal, sterile filtration of media, buffer, or process fluid.• Designed to meet customers’ filtration needs with provision for wetting and integrity testing of filters.
    • Special design for vacuum break and cooling with sterile ai...
  • Product 3M™ Zeta Plus™

    For optimal clarification of biopharmaceutical manufacturing fluids, 3M’s extensive line of depth filters is versatile and adaptable for many processes. Our pharmaceutical-grade filters have high contaminant-holding capacity and provide economical filtration with reliable particle reduction.
  • Product Pipeline

    Polpharma Biologics portfolio includes 7 biosimilars and 2 innovative molecules.

  • Product Prolgolimab

    Prolgolimab is the original fully human anti-PD1 monoclonal antibody for the treatment of advanced melanoma, advanced NSCLC and metastatic cervical cancer. Pending approval in Russia for melanoma in 2019. For marketing authorization in EU BIOCAD is starting Phase III clinical trials.

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