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Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co Ltd was established in 1997. Located in the Wangcun Industry Zone, Nanyang, Henan province, it is a large professional company with a business scope covering scientific research, production and trade. Through years of hard work of all staff and employees, the company has been gradually developing into one of the largest 4-fluorobenzaldehyde and 4-Fluorobenzoyl chlo


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Products from Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co Ltd (3)

  • 2-Fluorobenzaldehyde

    Product 2-Fluorobenzaldehyde

    purity is at least 99.5%, colorless transparent liquid, used as pharmaceutical intermediate.brhrbrDescription:
    CAS Registry Number: 446-52-6
    Synonyms: Fluorobenzaldehyde1; Fluorobenzaldehydemincolorlessliq; 2-Fluorobenzaldeyde
    Molecular Formula: C7H5FO
    Molecular Weight: 124.11
    EINECS: 207...
  • 2-Fluorobenzoic acid

    Product 2-Fluorobenzoic acid

    CAS No: 445-29-4
    Synonyms: Fluorobenzoicacidminwhitepowder; O-Fluorobenzoic acid
    MF: C7H5FO2
    MW: 140.11
    EN: 207-158-1

    Quality index:
    Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline solid
    Specification: 99.0%min
    Melting Point: 125-126oC
  • 2-Fluorobenzyl chloride

    Product 2-Fluorobenzyl chloride

    Used as intermediate for pharmacy or pesticide.brhrbrCAS Registry Number: 345-35-7
    Synonyms: o-Fluorobenzyl chloride; alpha-Chloro-o-fluorotoluene; 1-(Chloromethyl)-2-fluoro-benzene
    Molecular Formula: C7H6CLF
    Molecular Weight:144.58

    Quality index:
    Appearance: Colorle...