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NP&D is a developer, producer and distributor of nutritional / food supplements for joints, back, spinal discs, prostrate, osteoporosis, etc. Our brand portfolio includes Arthrobene®, vertebene®, Biobene® and Primabene®. We are also supplier and distributor of CBD Isolate and raw ingredients with its focus on plant/vegetable oils and fats for cosmetics and nutrition.  We are looking for d...

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Products from Natural Products & Drugs GmbH (3)

  • Arthrobene®

    Product Arthrobene®

    The Arthrobene-family supports conscious living people in the personal responsibility of their body.  The naturally occurring ingredients are combined according to a formulation by medical specialists and the quality is controlled by pharmacists. The constant quality guarantees superior result...
  • Biobene® Collagen Complex

    Product Biobene® Collagen Complex

    BIOBENE® Collagen Complex was developed by experts for radiantly beautiful skin. The contained collagen peptides, which have been proven to provide an enviably glowing skin, reduce wrinkles, strengthen the structure of the dermis and improve the natural regeneration of the skin structure. BIOBENE®...
  • vertebene® disc capsules

    Product vertebene® disc capsules

    Vertebene® disc capsules are a unique combination of high-quality natural ingredients which are specially designed to build-up and maintain the spinal discs and vertebral column (lumbar area).  It is currently in the final stage of a clinical trial.

Natural Products & Drugs GmbH Resources (1)

  • Whitepaper A dietary supplement for the management of patients with back pain

    Background and study aims
    Lumbar osteochondrosis is a disease of the lumbar (lower) spine caused by wear and tear on the intervertebral discs, vertebrae, vertebral joints or ligaments. Treatment is usually through pain and exercise therapy. The aim of this study is to investigate the 3-month intake of a dietary supplement as an accompanying measure to medical treatment. The food supplement, which has been sold in pharmacies for several years, is a combination of certain nutrients (collagen type II, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine,
    bamboo extract, L-lysine, and vitamin C) that occur naturally in the intervertebral disc and are intended to improve back pain or at least contribute to the maintenance of the spinal column function.