Needle free connectors

Needle free connectors
Product Description

  Every day, healthcare workers are exposed to dangerous and deadly pathogens through contaminated needle sticks.

FDA regulations and market tendencies are moving towards needlefree systems which are more secure to care givers for avoiding needle sticks accidents and to patient for improving the safety.

NIP® (needleless injection port) revolutionizes the needlefree connections providing a hermetic closure for powders and liquids in sterile containers, with no risk of contamination.
NIP® can be used to access the bag with a mating luer connector, without the needle. As soon as the luer is removed, NIP® hermetically closes again preventing the back flow effect. Thanks to the hermetic closure, NIP® can substitute injection ports and breakable cones and can be used for I.V. set connection, without spike.

NIV® (needleless injection vial) is the first needlefree system of connection between vial and syringe
NIV® minimizes foam formation during drug reconstitution, assuring the correct drug dose to the patient and avoiding medication waste and overfilling, and reduces aerosol and leaks caused by pressurization when accessing the vial.
NIV® guarantees mechanically and microbiologically a closed system during and after multi-use, and therefore hermetically closed, avoiding contamination of the vial’s contents.

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