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Nutrileya is an Italian, fast growing company focused in the Food Supplements, Medical Devices and Cosmetics market. The mission of Nutrileya is to offer a high quality, effective, modern and loyalty-building product.

To do so we use the best production technologies that allow us to provide safe and effective products.

Quality according to Nutrileya:

Original formulas: all products have been carefully formulated by our science department.   The pursuit of excellence: extracts from the best scientific evidence, most of which patented, in a mix developed for specific needs. 
  Science and innovation: with the right amounts and active principle titration, every product can express its maximum effectiveness.
 Nutrileya products are entirely Made in Italy

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Products from Nutrileya Srl (5)

  • Nutritraum Artro

    Product Nutritraum Artro

    Joint pain. Range of application
    • in case of joint pain
    • in case of reduced joint function 

    Nutritraum artro is designed to act both on joint function thanks to the presenceof Biovaflex® (hydrolysed egg film), whose active components reflect thecomposition of the extra-cellular ma...
  • Nutridef Flu orosolubile

    Product Nutridef Flu orosolubile

    Treatment of cold and cough symptoms. Range of application
    • in case of respiratory tract infections
    • in case of first symptoms of cough, rhinitis, sore throat 

    NutriDef Flu orosoluble is an immunomodulator capable of responding in the acutephase to the aggression of various respir...
  • Nutriregular 3

    Product Nutriregular 3

    Gastrointestinal well-being. Range of application
    • in case of irritable bowel syndrome
    • in case of bowel irregularity
    • in case of flatulence and bloating
    • in case of digestive problems
    • in case of nausea. 
    Unique formulation, inspired by a successful drug of traditional Japane...
  • Nutritraum Thermo Cream

    Product Nutritraum Thermo Cream

    Joint muscle pain, rheumatic pain,muscle preparation. Range of application
    • in case of joint muscle pain
    • in case of rheumatic pain
    • in case of osteoarthritis
    • useful for muscle preparation 

    It is a unique formulation with strong heating power (Capsicum and VanillylButyl E...
  • Nutrisprint Salino

    Product Nutrisprint Salino

    Fluid and electrolyte balance. Range of application
    • in case of sports activity associated with intense sweating
    • in case of fatigue, chronic fatigue, and stress
    • in case of major fluid loss
    • in case of exhaustion following periods of intense heat 

    It combines Magnesium an...

Nutrileya Srl Resources (1)

  • News Nutrileya in the Top 1,000 European Fastest Growing Companies

    Nutrileya entered in 2021 the illustrious FT 1000 ranking prepared by the Financial Times and Statista, which reports the top 1,000 European fastest growing companies in the three-year period 2016-2017. Quality, market insight, quick time to market represent the strengths of the young Italian reality of Nutraceuticals.