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  • Product Apfecto

    Nepafenac, 1 or 3 mg/ml. 

    Available in 1,7 or 5 ml/Bottle.
  • Product FOCUMAX

    Focumax is a complex for eye health. Taurine is necessary for the chemical reactions that produce normal vision, and deficiencies are associated with retinal degeneration. Lutein and zeaxanthin filter harmful high-energy blue wavelengths of light (cell phones, television and computer screens all emit ...
  • Product Sterile Multidoses

    As a specialist in manufacturing and aseptic filling of non-injectable sterile liquid products, with or without preservatives, Synerlab is always at the forefront of this expertise in order to anticipate market evolutions. Nowadays, it is a key player internationally in eye and eardrops, as well as nasal, ...
  • Product Brudy Macula

    Brudy Macula is a food supplement based in our molecule of Omega-3, designed for the macular degeneration (AMD)(Ophthalmology).This is one of our best selling products in several countries around the world, because it has proven high efficiency.The product it is supported by the AREDS 2 Clinical Trial.
  • Product DROPsept

    Ophthalmic solution with phlogolithic action
  • Product Ribohyal

    Innovative ophthalmic gel based on Servimed's new chemical entity Hyalorib. 
  • Product DROPclar

    Antioxidant eye drops
  • Product DROP defence

    Anti UV and anti blue light eye drops. The first and only ophthalmic solution certified as Personal Protective Equipment against photooxidative damage caused by UV and blue light.
  • Product REmark

    phthalmic diagnostic solution - The first and only riboflavin based eye stain - for surface diagnosis and Goldmann Tonometry. 
  • Product ZIXOL 8ml eye drops

    An isotonic buffered tear substitute for corneal protection
    Synergistic action of Zinc and Hyaluronic acid of High Molecular weight
    Moisturing and lubricating the eye surface Also as adjuvant of hydratation during antiallergic treatments

    PRE POST Surgery OK, No ...
  • Product Blefavis ophthalmic wipes

    Cleaning and disinfectant wipes for the eye zone of seborrheic eyelids and in the local treatment of blepharitis. Refreshing and emollient action thanks to Aloe and Gllycolic Mallow extract. Normalization of the bacterial load thanks to grape seed extract.  

    For injured skin, abbrasions an...
  • Product Solidra Plus 10 ml eye drops

    Hyaluronic acidAverage Molecular Weight (HA) Cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HACL) MannitolFor the improvement of viscoelasticity, hydration, stability and permanence of the artificial tearSuitable for pre and post surgery use

    LENSES OK, ALSO FOR CHILDREN, CE certified, Stability 4B zone



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