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  • Product ERiiS for HAIR, against hair loss both for man and woman. Shampoo, hair conditioner, treatment vials, for man and women.

    ERiiS for HAIR effective solutions for fighting hair loss in women and men, suitable for any age. A line designed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning  both in terms of effectiveness and in the quality of the formula and active ingredients.

    ERiiS for HAIR Shampoo, hair c...
  • Product Hemp SkinCare -Active Ingredients for Cosmetics with CBD

    Products line Hemp SkinCare are active ingredients for cosmetics with CBD ( 0 THC%)

    Hemp SkinCare EK.HeA
    Active components: MCT oil, hemp oil ,CBD (strength 10%, 3%,1%, THC 0 %), sea-buckthorn, rosehip oil extracts , A vitamin

    Hemp SkinCare EK.HeE q...
  • Product QYRA® Product Range

    Beauty from within with the natural power of collagen peptides.
    QYRA® stands for effective anti-aging nutricosmetics products. 
    QYRA® works systematically from the inside out and helps to enhance attractiveness, smoothness and elasticity of the skin.
    Our QYRA® products contain VERI...
  • Product BtHLINE - Dermal filler for biorevitalization (linear HA 1,4%)

    BtHLINE is a biocompatible linear hyaluronic acid hydrogel intended as a dermatologicaltreatment for aesthetic purposes. Administered by intradermal injection, the product is indicated to complement the extracellular matrix and intradermal tissue, restoring the anatomical structures of the skin, promoting...
  • Product Centax Beauty Liquid

    The special formulation for naturally beautiful skin from the inside out 

    Centax Beauty Liquid contains a combination of selected nutrients for naturally beautiful skin from the inside. Centax Beauty Liquid is a premium quality beauty formula containing a unique combination of antioxidants.vi...
  • Product Gel with Hyaluronic + Azelaic Acid

    Effective treatment against skin impurities • Has an inflammation reducing effect • Accelerates the reduction of blackheads • Slows down the excessive growth and spread of acne bacteria • Regulates the excess production of skin oils • Normalizes the natural appearance of the skin • Reduces annoying redde...
  • Product Acne Cleaning Soap

    Acne cleansing soap is used to remove acne scars and acne scars. It also protects the health of the skin and takes necessary measures against the spread of acne. Can be used by both men and women.
  • Product BtHCROSS - Dermal filler (cross-linked HA 1,5%/1,75%/2%)

    BtHCROSS is a biocompatible cross-linked hyaluronic acid hydrogel intended as a dermatological treatment for aesthetic purposes. It is administered by intradermal injection and designed to restore and correct facial volumes and fill wrinkles and folds.
    Depending on the depth of the wrinkles and t...
  • Product Profilm COLD SORES - protective film for cold sores(herpes)

    Profilm COLD SORES is a liquid dressing for topical use, indicated to relieve the initial symptoms of cold sores. Its technology firms a protective and discreet physical barrier that adapts to the shape of the skin, reducing the risk of infection and the spread of the virus. Due to its compositio...
  • Product Profilm MOUTH ULCERS - protective film for mouth ulcers and aphthae

    Profilm MOUTH ULCERS is a hydrogel, supplemented with natural extracts of propolis and tea tree, and enriched with stabilized vitamin C. After its application, and thanks to its technology, a protective physical barrier is formed which adapts to the shape of the mucosa, preventing contact with fo...
  • Product Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

    Power booster for regeneration and anti-aging effects • Lasting wrinkle reduction • Fast improvement of wrinkle depth • Lasting improvement of skin moisture • Suitable for very sensitive skin / allergy sufferers • Natural protection against free radicalsSuitable for the eye area to reduce swellings • Hig...
  • Product AcneOFF Acne Cleansing Gel

    Konicare acne cleaning gel is used to remove acne scars and face scars. It also protects the health of the skin and protects against the spread of acne. Can be used by both men and women.
  • Product Konitar Shampoo

    Konicare Konitar Hair and Body Shampoo is a special antifungal and anti-dandruff product that you can use for both hair and body cleaning. It cleans dandruff without drying and attrition. Relaxes and strengthens hair against dandruff in regular use.
  • Product Burn Cream

    Konicare burn gel is produced for regional burns. It has a shelf life of 3 years. Konicare burn gel, which increases its effectiveness with its ingredients such as Aloe Vera, prevents burns from penetrating under the skin and prevents increasing the degree of burns.
  • Product Dentilux Mouthwash

    It aims to remove residues where toothbrushes cannot reach and also allows the mouth to refresh. It also provides tongue, gum and complete oral care. The product is suitable for adults aged 6 years.
  • Product Anti- Sweat/Odor Foot Care Spray

    Sweating results in the formation of odor generated by bacteria and Antiperspirant Spray helps to remove this malodor and prevent to occur this malodour. With long term usage, it reduces sweating. Antiperspirant Spray should be shaken well before use. It is applied to the foot, including toes and all parts. F...
  • Product Konicare Nipplecon Nipple Cream

    Konicare Nipplecon Nipple Cream; helps to dampen and relax especially pregnant and breastfeeding mothers’ nipples which become more sensitive. It is recommended to use after every shower to decrease the stretch increased during the pregnancy period. Nipplecon Cream contains; Substances like Laolin, Olea Europ...
  • Product Aura Herbals Argentum 200® (50 ppm) Colloidal Silver (500 ml)

    Colloidal Silver Argentum 200® is a tonic formula with a high (50 ppm) content of colloidal silver, made on the basis of demineralised water. Used regularly, it cleanses, refreshes and cares for the skin. Designed for the care of skin suffering from acne. It soothes irritations.


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