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  • Product Linetan Plus - dermatological ointment with 2% allantoin, d-panhenol, sodium hyaluronate, Manuka honey MGO 400+ and linseed oil

    Linetan Plus ointment is intended for topical application to the skin.

    The preparation shows the effect of:
    • supporting the treatment of skin inflammations with excessive exfoliation andepidermal keratosis (atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases),
  • Product Crodafos™ CES pharma

    Phosphate-based emulsifying and conditioning wax that produces stable thixotropic O/W emulsions, allowing rapid active release and localised delivery of active to the skin. The formation of lamellar liquid crystal oleosomes mean that Crodafos CES-based emulsions offer greater versatility compared to more c...
  • Product Adelco baby - nappy and rash protection

    Adelco laboratories have developed a new range of baby care products “Adelco baby” combining the latest scientific procedures with all natures ingredients Calendula, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Chamomilla, Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Bisabolol and Hyaluronic Acid,  offering effective care of delicate and vulnerab...
  • Product Hemorrhoid - Arnica - Burn Creams Medical dev. Health & Care

    NEW Dermatological medical device creams indicated for the treatment of HEMORRHOIDS relieves irritation, swelling, itching and painfARNICA for muscle pains, oedema, bruises and stings
    BURN treats effectively exfoliation, swelling and itching due to burns as well as irritations.
  • Product ilon Classic Ointment - No.1 in German pharmacies

    Herbal medical product effectively helps with symptoms of skin inflammation such as redness, tightness, swelling and pain with pus. Top-selling blistering ointment in Germany.

    Active ingredients: Larch turpentine, turpentine oil of the maritime pine type, eucalyptus oil

  • Product ilon Wound Care Ointment

    Protective skin care for stressed, injured, and reddened skin, e.g. for napkin dermatitis.

    Promotes cell renewal and thus supports the healing process.
    Combines high zinc dosage and cod liver oil with excellent care properties for a convenient application on all skin types (bab...
  • Product ilon Lip Cream HS

    ilon Lip Cream HS is using the properties of patented micro algae active Spiralin® ingredient for care and protection before, during and after a lip herpes reactivation. The conclusion of a publication in the leading medical 'Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology' (JACI, 2016/01) from the results...
  • Product Wound Care (Himom Band/Foam/Burn/Ag)

    JW Holdings provides total solution of Wound Care for your family with HIMOM BAND.

    Himom Band Premium for Wound Healing
    - Hydrocolloid containing Aloe Vera for pain relief
    - A sterile adhesive bandage for protecting from secondary infection
    - Diverse size and types to apply regarding the wo...
  • Product Centax Beauty Liquid

    The special formulation for naturally beautiful skin from the inside out 

    Centax Beauty Liquid contains a combination of selected nutrients for naturally beautiful skin from the inside. Centax Beauty Liquid is a premium quality beauty formula containing a unique combination of antioxidants...
  • Product Aura Herbals Argentum 200® (50 ppm) Colloidal Silver (500 ml)

    Colloidal Silver Argentum 200® is a tonic formula with a high (50 ppm) content of colloidal silver, made on the basis of demineralised water. Used regularly, it cleanses, refreshes and cares for the skin. Designed for the care of skin suffering from acne. It soothes irritations.


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