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  • Product Aleract®

    Aleract® is a dietary supplement to prevent miscarriage and preterm labor. • Clinical trials: Four clinical studies demonstrate its efficacy and safety. Efficacy outcomes include its ability to reduce subchorionic hematoma (one of the main causes of miscarriage and preterm labor) and safety in over 600 pre...
  • Product Delphys®

    Dietary Supplement for Uterine Fibroids management.
    • Clinical trials: Clinical efficacy is supported by 6 published clinical trials, which demonstrate a statistically significant reduction in fibroid volume and related symptoms, with a relevant improvement in quality of life. Two clinical tri...
  • Product Ladeekom

    Ladeekom Food supplement capsules for pregnant ladies. Contains Folic acid, Iron, Omega‑3, vitamins and minerals 

  • Product GYNELLA Natal Ferti Gel

    Vaginal gel for couples who are trying to conceive. The gel:
    -Not only affects the vaginal mucosa and adjusts its pH, but due to the presence of inositol it can also stimulate sperms - Forms optimal environment for sperms. 
    - Increases the pH to values convenient for natural motility o...
  • Product Solvitale® Menopause

    Carefully thought out composition with natural estrogens for women seeking non-hormonal therapy with clinically proven effect of each ingredient. Manages menopause biggest complaints and symptoms like night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and f...
  • Product Brudy Gyne Dry

    Food supplement for vaginal dryness. The product has been tested in one of the biggest hospital groups. The test length was 3 months and it had a 100% satisfaction in less than a month.The results were seen in less than a month and for the worst cases, was consider a life changer.

    "BellaVie WOMAN" is a broad-spectrum, high CFU dietary supplement containing 7 microbiotic strains, fiber and nutraceuticals, each selected for their health benefits.

    The formula was developed with essential gut bacteria and yeast to promote a more favorable balance of the gut microbiota...
  • Product FertiCure

    Clinically approved Formula for:
    Treating Polycystic ovaries syndrome - PCOS
    Increase Ovulation rate
    increase Ovum quality for IUI, ICSI and IVF procedures 
    Increase Insulin sensitivity , reduce Insulin resistance 
    support weight management, help in reducing the weight in women

    Kit of menstrual hygiene consisting of:

    2 menstrual cups.- to enable the interchange easilly wherever you are
    1 applicator.- ideal for begginers and also for practical women
    1 enna box.- for sterilization/transport/storage of cups 
  • Product MOMAID – Postpartum Recovery Supplement

    Problem Pregnancy and birth places increased stress on the pelvic floor leaving the muscles fatigued and weak. The risk of pelvic floor injury increases with each pregnancy, and it is also associated with age at first vaginal delivery. Regeneration of pelvic floor muscles is important to prevent pelvic flo...
  • Product Atosiban

    Atosiban indicated to delay imminent pre-term birth in pregnant adult women.Form & strength: 6.75 mg/ 0.9ml solution for injection and 37.5mg/ 5 ml concentrate for solution for infusion
  • Product IALUNA Ovules

    Ialuna® Ovules contain sodium hyaluronate.

    Each 2 g ovule contains: Sodium hyaluronate, fat-soluble extract of Centella Asiatica, fat-soluble extract of Chamomillavulgaris, d,l-alpha tocopheryl acetate, anhydrous colloidal silica, solid semi-synthetic glycerides.

  • Product GynoVinegar Single Use Vaginal Douching

    Konicare Gyno Vinegar Single Use Vaginal Douching contains acetic acid (1,25%) that can set the pH of the solution between 3 and 5. It helps the treatment of ‘Bacterial Vaginosis’ and ‘Cervical Erosion’ because of the appropriate pH and acetic acid. Aloe Vera in content has a decreasing effect of burning s...
  • Product Inofolic® HP

    A totally safe dietary supplement for PCOS women, women seeking pregnancy and gestational diabetes prevention.
    • Clinical Trials: Efficacy of the product line is supported by 60+ international clinical trials in more than 5,000 patients. Many published studies have demonstrated efficacy in improving me...
  • Product Gynella Balance

    Medical device contains non-vial bacteria strains, which help to maintain natural defence and hydration equilibrium when the balance of vaginal microbial flora may be temporarily altered by physiological conditions. Supports increased immunity of the vaginal epithelium after long-term use. Hyaluronic acid ...
  • Product SpermaCure

    Intensive Formula of Amino acids, vitamins, and minerals formulated as per published clinical studies.
  • Product RemeCure C section scar therapy Silicone sheet

    Medical grade silicone sheets Classified and registered in the Danish Medical Agency 

    Durable  up to 3 monthsWashable 

  • Product PregnaCure

    RemeCure® created the food supplement PregnaCure to assist women through their pregnancy from conception until the end of the breastfeeding period. PregnaCure brings the nutrients required for the fetus and the baby’s sound development.

    Folic acid (as 5-MTHF by Quatrefolic) is required for prope...
  • Product HemoCure Micro-pellets

    A unique formula of chelate Iron which contains Iron Fez+ as Iron bisglycinate I, Vitamin B12, Folic ocid, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C in the form of micro pellets with slowly releasing properties. 

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