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    NEWGyn® is a new biorevitalizing gel with Polynucleotides and Hyaluronic Acid for the treatment of symptoms related to vulvo vaginal atrophy

    - Class III Medical Device- sterile Viscoelastic Gel
    - Pre filled syringe
    - 2 ml with two needles ( 30G ½)
    - Polynucleotides + Hyaluronic Acid (10 mg/ml ...
  • Product GynoVinegar Single Use Vaginal Douching

    Konicare Gyno Vinegar Single Use Vaginal Douching contains acetic acid (1,25%) that can set the pH of the solution between 3 and 5. It helps the treatment of ‘Bacterial Vaginosis’ and ‘Cervical Erosion’ because of the appropriate pH and acetic acid. Aloe Vera in content has a decreasing effect of burning sens...
  • Product Triferty ATM

    For male fertility.

    Infertilty cause could be due to single and double stand breaks in the sperm ADN. So, it is due to oxidative and ezymatic damage in the sperm DNA.

    Tiferty ATM  is a unique formulation to revert the enzymatic damage and increase the sucess of pregnancy
  • Product GynoFresh Daily Cleaning Liquid For Genital Area

    Gyno Fresh is used for cleaning a woman's external genital area. While providing good hygiene it gives off a pleasant smell.
  • Product GynoBaking Soda Single Use Vaginal Douching

    Konicare GynoBaking Soda Single Use Vaginal Douching contains those; Sodium carbonate that can set the pH of the solution between 8-9 (0,025%) and sodium bicarbonate (2%). It helps to decrease the symptoms in the treatment of candida vulvovaginitis. Because of Alkali pH value; it is a product that can be used...
  • Product GynoLact Daily Cream For Genital Region

    Konicare GynoLact Daily Cream for Genital Region provides a relaxing and soft sense with its enriched formula with lactic acid, aloe vera and tea tree oil. Lactic acid which is necessary for protecting the outer vaginal region helps to balance and protect the vaginal flora by keeping the pH value between 3,8 ...
  • Product Konicare Gynofresh

    Sodium Bicarbonate-containing Konicare Gyno Baking Soda Genital Region Daily Cleaning Soap was formulated specially for cleaning the outer genital region and especially cleaning of accumulated hypersecretions which have the characteristics of protein effectively. It protects the vagina from the external facto...
  • Product Arobit tablet (Letrozole 2.5 mg)

    Indicated for treatment of certain types of breast cancer 
  • Product JUVIA – Vaginal moisturizing gel

    Vaginal dryness (or atrophy) is a condition caused by a decreased level of the oestrogen hormone. It is characterized by a thinning, dehydrated and possibly inflamed vaginal wall. A dry vagina means uncomfortable or painful sex. In more severe cases it may cause a dry, itchy or even burn...
  • Product MOMMYTOO – Postpartum Recovery Supplement

    Pregnancy and birth places increased stress on the pelvic floor leaving the muscles fatigued and weak.
    The risk of pelvic floor injury increases with each pregnancy, and it is also associated with age at first ...
  • Product Carbetocin

    Carbetocin indicated for the prevention of uterine atony following delivery of the infant by caesarean section under epidural or spinal anaesthesiaForm & strength: 100 mcg/ ml solution for injection

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