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  • Product Pregabalin 75mg/ 100mg/ 150mg (Gabafine)

    Gabafine Capsule contains Pregabalin, works by reducing abnormal electrical brain activity, effectively preventing seizures in epilepsy treatment. Furthermore, it is utilized to address nerve and muscle pain by obstructing pain signals. Available Dosage Forms - Pregabalin 75 mg, 100 mg and150 mg capsules.
  • Product Neuro SR Micro-Pellets

    NEURO SR is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to optimize brain health; brain health indicates the state of brain functioning across cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioral, and motor domains, allowing a person to realize their full potential over the life course, irrespective of ...
  • Product Lavender Oil 80mg

    Substipharm offers a wide range of products which includes Lavender Oil 80mg. It belongs to Central Nervous category. Reference: 14, 28, 56 tablets of soft caps. Brand: Lasea® (Dr. Schwabe). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Pregabalin & Mecobalamin 75mg+1500mcg (Mynerve PM)

    Pregabalin & Mecobalamin (Methylcobalamin) can reduce the release of neurotransmitters & promotes regeneration of neuronal myelin sheath. Pregabalin possesses analgesic property & reduces neuropathy-related pain symptoms. Indications - peripheral neuropathy, Pain in neurological disorders and nerve damage...
  • Product Chlorpromazine HCL

    WHO GMP certificate available Written Confirmation available, DMF available.

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