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  • News CPHI Pharma Awards 2023 – Packaging & Machinery Winner: Gasporox

    After another year of impressive nominations for the CPHI Pharma Awards our winners were announced at CPHI Barcelona in October 2023. In this series of interviews, we speak to the people and teams behind the award-winning projects, concepts, and techno...
  • News Pharmapack Survey and Annual Report 2023

    The annual report from Pharmapack 2023 covering the drug delivery market trends across Europe and the US, and how Pharmapack acts as a bridge between the global markets.

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  • Product Catalyx SmartFactory End of Line Robotics

    Catalyx SmartFactory End of Line Robotics

    Catalyx specializes in the comprehensive design, development, integration, qualification, and ongoing support of automated robotic and cobot systems, spanning diverse industries. Catalyx offers cutting-edge robotic material handling solutions and special...
  • Product VSRT Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler

  • Product Semi-Automatic Case Packer with Aggregation

      Businesses that use cartons as packaging after serialization and perform packaging operations manually require an extra workforce. Preferring automated systems in operations reduces the workload by accelerating production. You can perform your aggregation and case packing operations with the VISIOTT...
  • Product PVdC Coated PVC films Duplex

    Bilcare duplex is PVdC coated pharmaceutical grade PVC film with excellent thermoforming properties and increased gas and vapor barrier suitable for sensitive pharmaceutical product. Color Range: Glass Clear, Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Peach, Red, White Opaque, Yellow & other colors upon request
  • Product Granulation Line

    1 L to 2500 L scalable range 
  • Product CERES POC

    Point of Care Diagnostic Devices allow individuals the convenience to conduct self-screening and immediately consider treatment options. Testing for COVID-19 dominates the news lately, but many other diseases and conditions can now be reliably detected using POC devices. Demand for in-home testing is growi...
  • Product LT 20 - Automation within a small footprint

    The LT 20 allows you to produce automatically without requiring a large footprint. From small series to a medium-high output, you can always work in the production environment that suits you best.

    + Small footprint
    + ISO 8 compatible, GMP
    + Various cleanability levels
    + Zero to medium pro...
  • Product Tablet /Capsule Auto Inspection Machine

    PLANET 6G performs excellent inspection quality with easy parameter setting, without blind spot, various shapes of tablet, minimum size parts, which designed and conformed to cGMP regulations.

    The features are as below.

    - FDA 21 CFR Part 11, CE, EU GMP, UL, etc.
    - Smart HMI contro...
  • Product PTS Powder Transfer System®

    PTS stands for a unique technology. It allows the transfer of a large range of powders with different characteristics. These include very fine (< 1 micron), cohesive and wet ones (above 50% wetness) as well as powder with a very low MIE (< 1 mJ). ​

    Its flat filtration system enab...
  • Product Saurus939

    Saurus939 is the vacuum piston pump that guarantees high performance in all the main chemical and pharmaceutical processes, ensuring total recovery of the extracted solvents, even in particularly harsh conditions of use. Can intake all kinds of volatile substances without compromise:

  • Product CR foil CRISPAK

    Bilcare crispak PP Child-resistant foil is a specially developed, non toxic heat seal lacquer coated Aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging application. It is Peel and Push type lid foil and compatible to sealing with PVC/PVDC.
  • Product High Shear Mixer (RMG)

    1 L to 2500 L complete scalable range 
  • Product Fluid Bed (FBD & FBP)

    1 L to 2500 L complete scalable range 
  • Product High Shear Mixer (RMG)

    1 L to 2500 L complete scalable range 
  • Product CENTAURI IVD

    The demand for pipette tips has exploded due to the pandemic, while the requirement to manufacture them accurately and efficiently remains. As specialists in high-end automation, MA micro automation accepted the challenge to create a modular system supporting up to 64-cavity injection molding. What’s so sp...
  • Product FS 200 - The perfect solution for clean room applications

    For IVD, POC, gel cards, and more look no further than the FS 200. Designed for installation in clean rooms and equipped with a rotary indexing table with 8 stations that can be configured in the most flexible manner, the FS 200 forms, assembles, fills, and seals even the most complex products with great p...
  • Product MC 1400 - Cleanliness is part of its DNA

    The MC 1400 was specifically designed for the assembly, filling, and sealing of highly complex products containing powders, liquids, lyophilized ingredients, or even large solids - offering flexibility in processing combined with very high output rates. Its flexibility makes it the ideal platform for the m...
  • Product TM 05 - Small machine, big impact

    Thanks to the unique design of the TM 05, the best of two worlds come together in one single platform. Optimal ergonomic working conditions are combined with the widest conceivable array of high-precision process technologies such as dispensing, pipetting, or assembly for reproducible results and healthy e...
  • Product Hands-Free Assembly for Blood Sampling

    Fully automated vision assembly station for blood sample containers; delivers 100% reliable results, detecting any defect in each segment separately and again during final assembly; assembles, multiple units simultaneously with a fast cycle time; automated scrapping process for failed components; complies ...
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