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Lucy Chard
31 Jan 2023

Pharmapack Survey and Annual Report 2023

The annual report from Pharmapack 2023 covering the drug delivery market trends across Europe and the US, and how Pharmapack acts as a bridge between the global markets.

Using the Pharmapack Drug Delivery Innovation Index, the survey from the Pharmapack annual report has shown that innovation in drug delivery has seen a remarkable bounce back post pandemic.

The innovation market had experienced a brief dip in May 2022, causing some concerns considering the pharma industry's integral role to pull through the pandemic, demonstrating a remarkable level of innovation in the process. However, thankfully, the survey shows that the industry is more resilient than that and there is growing confidence in driving innovation in the drug delivery market again. COVID-19 has opened a lot of doors in this area, changes in regulations, emergency approvals, a greater focus on patient centricity and self administration has led to a new perspective inspiring new ideas.

The report also delves into sustainability, the impact of making materials, processes, and systems more environmentally friendly, on innovation. These aspects, economic, environmental, and otherwise are considered from a global perspective, discussing the impressive trajectory seen in India and China, and the ongoing relationships in the US and Europe, namely Germany closely followed by the UK.

Patient centricity continues to be a key focus, taking into account the user experience, with the added benefit of increasing patient compliance.

The Pharmapack survey reflects this growing trend, with the main deliberations on manufacturing ‘patient-centric devices’ were patient adherence and ease-of-administration (79%). This was followed by size and portability of devices (57%), minimizing pain involved (21%), removing the need for patient training prior to use (21%), and decreasing the number of dosing events (28%). Part one of the report concludes that there was much uncertainty in the market, understandably after a period of great global turmoil, but that the industry is flexible and robust and looking forward to flourishing future.

In part two, Gregor Nischer, MP, Corporate Finance GmbH Managing Partner, In particular, where he explores how a majority of smaller and medium packaging companies will need to grow towards or beyond the €100 million turnover per year mark, with those of 20 million or less particularly exposed to potential acquisitions. This further explored in Gregor's session on the 1st February at Pharmapack.

Part three includes a wealth of insights from a round table from Team Consulting on patient centric opportunities in biologics, discussing hybrid healthcare, more streamlined manufacturing processes, novel technologies, and sustainable medical device development.

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Lucy Chard
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