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  • Product Polyfoil® Mono-Material Barrier tube

    Cutting edge technology and research have led Neopac to their latest tube-industry innovation: the Polyfoil® Mono-Material Barrier tube (MMB). The pharma grade Polyfoil® MMB is a high-performance tube, offering superior protection for your pharma formula. The tube body and shoulder are manufactured ...
  • Product PET Pharmaceutical Tablet Bottles

    Origin Packaging have the largest stock holding of pharmaceutical packaging in the UK. Our tooling workshop can create your specification, shape and size. We also offer a large variety of closures to complete your pack. 
  • Product Canister - Packaging in all colors, shapes and sizes

    We develop plastic containers for foodstuffs and for pharmaceutical and chemical products. Both standard and customer-specific canisters. 
    Our canisters are produced using monolayer and multilayer co-extrusion blow molding processes. Our machinery comprises 10 extrusion blow molding plants th...
  • Product Aluminium bottles - T802 tm / T835 tm / O220 tm

    • Capacity: between 2.5L and 32L


    The T802™ and T835™ ranges are primarily used for packaging and transporting solid products (powders, granules, etc.). This 1050A aluminium packaging is ultra-clean and comes in anodised or plain matte versions. It has high impact, tear and chemica...
  • Product Flexopeel Pouches

    Pouches made of Tyvek and film
  • Product Blister Foil

    Aluminium foil is printed in Class 8 ISO certified clean rooms that are equipped with latest flexo-printing technology which is able to satisfy any repeat length tolerances. The Quality Management System at Lewis Press Ltd has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 and PS9000:2016 requirements by the British ...
  • Product Folding Boxes

    Folding Boxes according to customer's specifications with any additional features like Braille Texture, Embossing, Different Varnishes, Lamination etc. 
  • Product Aluminium Tubes

    For generations, aluminium tubes have been the first-choice packaging for highly sensitive products. Today, more than a century after the tubes were invented, they have lost none of their appeal. No other material protects so effectively against light, air and other environmental factors, and naturally guaran...
  • Product Nestable Drums

    Nestable drums are tapered reducing the space needed and cost of storing and shipping empty packaging. They also empty completely! HDPE drums by CurTec offer the maximum UN X rated protection for your active ingredients, excipients and solid dosage forms. Available in 30l to 150l Capacities all with a screw t...
  • Product Pentapharm® kpNextTM R1

    Finally, there is an alternative to vinyl blister films that will meet or exceed all your sustainability goals and work within your current manufacturing setup. kpNext™ R1 films are designed to be recyclable and will work with your existing production lines. No need for expensive retooling or costly line spee...
  • Product Rigid boxes

    The rigid box, also known as the "set-up" box, is an outer packaging container that undergoes production and delivery in the three-dimensional form. The beauty of this box lies in its sturdiness, it does not collapse like a folding carton, and the board used is four times thicker than mono cartons; it is most...
  • Product Sugarcane tube - bioplastic on the rise

    The sugarcane tubes or bioplastic tubes are a highly environmentally friendly type of packaging and therefore particularly suitable for your natural and cosmetic products; the carbon footprint of a sugarcane tube is 50% better than that of a conventional PE tube. If the tube is empty, the consumer recycles th...
  • Product PICEA™ wood tube - makes your brand more sustainable

    Over 95% of the materials used in the PICEA™ wood tube are from renewable resources. The processed spruce comes from PEFC certified forests in the EU. The wood comes from sawdust created by German carpenters. The PICEA™ wood tube has a carbon footprint that is 40% better than a conventional PE tube. At the sa...
  • Product Recycled Plastic Tube - from bottles and ocean plastics

    Our recycled tubes are made from a mixture containing 75% of these recycled, food-compliant plastics. The majority derives from post-consumer resins like milk bottles, the rest from process related waste. The use of recycled materials conserves non-renewable resources and reduces the production of new plasti...
  • Product Customized industrial packaging. From concept to volume production.

    Whatever you require − an individual component or a complete module, assembled by hand or in-line − you can benefit from our many years of experience and our extensive know-how in the development, industri-alization and production of plastic components of every kind. Our spacious and flexible manufacturing in...
  • Product Leaflets

    The company can produce 2-colour leaflets printed on both sides. Leaflets can then be folded into booklets and other variants.
    The Quality Management System at Lewis Press Ltd has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 and PS9000:2016 requirements by the British Standards Institute.
  • Product Folded Cartons

    Pharmaceutical folded cartons manufactured from scratch; printed, folded and glued. Folded cartons can include braille embossing and perforation. 
    The Quality Management System at Lewis Press Ltd has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 and PS9000:2016 requirements by the British Standards Institut...
  • Product Pharmaceutical Leaflets

    Pharmaceutical leaflets from paper of grams between 40-80gsm, delivered either folded or unfolded. Capability of producing both Inserts & Outserts.
  • Product The Blue Tube

    The blue tube is made of 100% recycled aluminium in a specially developed alloy and provides the same outstanding product properties that you expect from all our aluminium tubes. Tubes made of recycled aluminium require significantly less energy than conventional tubes. This results in a much smaller carbon f...

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