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    The use of flexible bags for IV applications offers significant advantages over the traditional glass bottles and blown plastic containers. RENOLIT Healthcare sets the standard in aspects of quality, reliability and costs.

    We offer a complete system for the manufacture of reliable and high-quality IV-b...
  • Product METOCLOPRAMIDE S.A.L.F. 10mg/2ml

    La metoclopramide stimola e coordina la motilità del tratto superiore dell’apparato gastroenterico, senza modificare la secrezione gastrica, pancreatica e biliare.Il suo meccanismo d’azione è complesso, essendo il farmaco antagonista competitivo dei recettori D1 e D2 (dopamina) e dei recettori 5-HT3 (sero...

    general purpose medium
  • Product HELENVITA ANTI HAIR LOSS Vitamin 60 caps

    Special nutritional supplement, which:
    Increases skin hydration, while reduces oilness, rendering the skin smooth, firm and youthful Reduces hair loss and oiliness, providing shine and volume to the hair Increases nail growth, for stronger, healthier nailsNutritional Supplement for Ha...
  • Product Nanopass 34G

    The World’s Thinnest Double Tapered Pen NeedleLess painful insulin injection Unique asymmetric edge Patented slim double tapered needle
  • Product Amino Chelated Minerals

    Chelating is the chemical process by which a mineral (iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, and manganese) is combined with a mixture of amino acids and peptides. The resulting substances are known as chelates. These chelated minerals are thought to be more digestible than nonchelated forms. Amino Acid Chelated trac...
  • Product Caffeine; Theophylline ;Theobromine ; Aminophylline

    Caffeine; Theophylline ;Theobromine ; Aminophylline 
  • Product Epicyn

    Epicyn™ with patented technology is intended for the management and reduction of new and existing hypertrophic and keloid scars. Epicyn™ forms a protective barrier against physical, chemical and microbial invasion of the scar. It softens, flattens and reduces redness and relieves scar-associated itch ...
  • Product Pediacyn

    Pediacyn™ with patented technology is intended for the management of lesions associated with atopic dermatitis and eczema. It forms a protective barrier against physical, chemical and microbial invasion of atopic dermatitis lesions. It assists in forming a protective barrier against physical, chemical an...
  • Product Gramaderm

    Gramaderm™ solution & hydrogel with patented technology are intended to assist in the treatment of topical mild to moderate acne. It is easy to use and suitable for use by nearly anyone at any time. Men and women, adults or teens, regardless of age. For any and all types of acne, including that on your fa...
  • Product Tablet Press Machine | RTP 9 Rotary Tablet Press For Pill Making & Manufacturing

    The RTP9 is a sophisticated rotary tablet press that allows users to produce large volumes of top quality tablets rapidly and efficiently. Among the RTP9’s advanced features are a digital interface and convenient control console. Together, these make it easy for the operator to manage the machine without havi...

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